Hamas is the enemy, not Gaza.

I have a lot of bees in my bonnet at the moment.

The biggest, making far too much buzzing, is the lack of understanding and institutionalised antisemitism regarding Israel’s reaction to being showered with rockets from Gaza.

Lets say London was being bombarded by rockets from Wales, to the tune of a hundred a day and all the leaders of the western world rang up David Cameron telling him to ‘use restraint’, which is of course code for ‘bend over and…’ well you can fill in the blank.

These same liberals are decrying the imbalance in the death toll. What they really mean is if more Jews were dead it would be ok. Thanks to the extraordinarily expensive Iron Dome missile defense system, every home built since 2005 coming equipped with a concrete bunker room and warning sirens that send everyone running for cover every time Hamas try their level best to murder Israeli civilians (who inconveniently are Jewish so the liberal west don’t give a shit about them) Israel has in fact managed to save the lives of its citizens.

So what about Hamas? Well for Hamas dead Palestinians are just a recruiting and fund raising tool. They encourage their people to act like human shields and fire rockets from built up areas. They do this against a vastly superior military force they cannot hope to defeat in battle.



The rise of the “Islamic State” in the Levant means rich foreign donors are giving their hard earned Jihadi money to them, to poke America in the eye and wipe out what little positive outcome there was from the calamitous Iraq invasion.

In the last few years Hamas fell out with Iran and Syria, their biggest sources of income, over the Syrian civil war, so their money has all but completely dried up. They recently kissed and made up with Iran, and went begging to the Palistinian Authority in the west bank (who they hate but are lavishly funded by the misguided west) but that hasn’t changed their dire finances. Mainly because the Palestinian Authority said they wouldn’t pay their back pay. So Hamas desperately need to prove to those rich jihad funding foreigners that they can do jihad too.

So it doesn’t matter how much Palestinian blood is spilled just so long as the money comes rolling in to keep Hamas leaders in big houses and expensive shoes.


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