It doesn’t have to be this way

One of the signs of depression is feeling trapped, like there is no alternative to how things are, that there are no options. Of course this way of thinking is a result of mental illness.

Anyway I just came back from my second LGBT Christian event. Its wonderful to meet the people who have chosen, like me, to remain, to not allow homophobia in the Church to drive us away from Jesus.

The more we talk it becomes apparent that no, it doesn’t have to be this way. Christianity is not inherently homophobic. We do not need to conform ourselves to a backward way of thinking.

Here is a thought: If I used such tenuous claims to scriptural precedent as a lot of homophobes do, it would be very easy to insinuate that Jesus was gay. He was certainly more comfortable with physical contact with other men than most men are in this sad day and age.

John was the “disciple whom Jesus loved”, Jesus loved all his disciples, so why do the gospel writers single out John with that particular wording. Then later at the last supper John discovers Judas is the traitor when he is snuggling up to Jesus. Then on the Cross Jesus tells his boyfriend, sorry, disciple, to look after his mother when he is gone. Then after the Resurrection Jesus tells the disciples that basically they will all will face martyrdom, except John, and that they should just get over it.

Now I’m not sure this is enough evidence that Jesus was gay… But I like how this little narrative pisses off all the right people. “Jesus couldn’t possibly be queer, because being queer is icky! I don’t like it!”.

Well I want to model my life on that of Christ, and if I project a part of myself into my image of the divine well that is basically the history of human interaction with God. We can’t help it and indeed God decided his son should take on human form in order to raise our humanity to the Godhead. Genesis tells us we are created in God’s image, yes even us queers!

So yes, it doesn’t have to be this way. St Paul was a man of his time, he wrote a few letters that just so happened to become the central part of the new testament. He was openly homophobic, calling it a curse because he couldn’t imagine any non pagan being queer? Well our experience and very existence has proved him wrong.

Just as St Paul had to tirelessly campaign for the lifting of Jewish dietary requirements for Christian converts, so we have to campaign for homophobic requirements to be lifted. This isn’t anything new or novel here we are in an age old tradition of insisting that the people trying to bar the gates of heaven stand aside. When I see and meet gay Christians it has been a massive reassurance, it is so right to love whomever God sends your way.

“What God has joined let no man divide”. Yes and isn’t it interesting that God makes gay people, and then he makes other gay people for them to love then draws them together, and that we have been here since the dawn of time and that the sky hasn’t fallen and the human race hasn’t keeled over.

While we are on the subject, the only philosophical argument the Catholic Church has against homosexuality is that it isn’t procreative, then it insists on celibacy for its priests. It seems to me what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Then again if it wasn’t for gay men fleeing their sexuality how many priests would we have? It doesn’t have to be this way.

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