Board gaming groups tend to attract people who are quite happy to be doing a hobby usually associated with childhood. But some people are basically still children. Anyway for having a couple of opinions on a couple of games that they like and I don’t someone has gone behind my back and got me chucked out of the club. Its so juvenile, but the betrayal really hurts, the depression really hurts.

This was something that got me out the flat, that cheered me up, for the first time in ages I wasn’t feeling depressed. Now its back only worse. So yes, the moral of this story is, don’t trust people, don’t have opinions, don’t speak up, toe the line etc etc. So basically I’m just going to try to forget the whole thing because if I take life lessons from it then it’ll just fuck me up even more. The problem is, how do you forget something when it hurts so much? Time to join a proper gaming group, not some insular tree house club for adult children who can’t cope with diversity.


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