The horsemen

So then, isn’t the news unrelentingly grim at the moment? I have just found out that the first case of the Ebola virus has been discovered in Lagos, the biggest city in Africa. I think anyone with even half a brain knows that this might end up being the most devastating news we have ever heard. This might not be the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but if you listen carefully you can hear them whinny in their stables. It would only take a stampede to the airport and we may well have a global epidemic on our hands.

In other grim news Hamas was planning to murder huge numbers of civilians by having gunmen pop up from tunnels in Israel and kill as many Israelis as possible. These tunnels were already built (and were in the process of being built for the last two years) and the plan was to go ahead in September during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, they were only discovered due to the ground offensive in Gaza.

The world will not wake up to the murderous intent of Hamas because it is blinkered by chronic antisemitism. Why is it that Hamas spends so much money on rockets, and not a single dollar on bomb shelters for its citizens? Why do they fire these rockets from schools, hospitals, mosques, UN compounds, playgrounds, back gardens, residential buildings? Why when the Israelis drop leaflets urging civilians to evacuate does Hamas discourage and prevent people from doing so?

Because Hamas are one giant suicide bomber regime. They do not care for their own people in the slightest. The blockade on Gaza only started when the rockets started. Hamas do not negotiate with Israel, they don’t recognise Israel’s right to exist. They are not interested in peace. Ceasefires are only used to stock up for the next deluge of rockets.

The difference between Israel and Hamas are that Israel use missiles to protect its citizens, and Hamas use its citizens to protect its missiles. The people of Gaza know this, but Hamas have the guns. They have not held elections since they came to power for a reason.

The death toll in Gaza is of course totally avoidable and unnecessary in every way. Gaza could be prosperous. Gaza could be trading with the world, trading with Israel. All this is a dream that can never come to fruition until Hamas are gone. We should remember that we bombed Germany to smithereens to get rid of the Nazis, war is horrific but sometimes there is no alternative. Israel needs to win, and win big, and in the end Gaza will be better off for it just as Germany is better off without the Nazis.

Meanwhile; Vladimir Putin is busy laughing himself silly at the global response (or complete lack thereof) to his very poorly disguised proxy war in Ukraine. I mean if this was a bank robber disguise it would be the equivalent of putting a pair of black framed glasses on.

Vlad knows the EU will do nothing because Germany needlessly disposed of its nuclear power plants after the Fukushima meltdown so is entirely reliant on Russian energy reserves. So surprise surprise it will be Britain bearing the brunt of the sanctions against Russia due to the restrictions on financial transactions. I genuinely wonder who they are more keen to harm, Britain or Russia.

On the plus side all we need now is a famine then we are all set for Armageddon and we can get off this God forsaken rock.


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