Critical thinking

Well I just had a lovely coffee chat with a gay christian Anglican friend. We talked about anything and everything and had a great time doing so. But there are problems when you talk to someone in the North of England about politics. Basically there is only left and far left. I’d love to be a socialist, I was very left leaning when I was at Sixthform college, I think I even voted Labour in the first election I was eligible to vote in.

Unfortunately I was mugged by reality, the more you read about the world and how it works (or doesn’t work as is invariably the case) the more the idealism of youth tends to fade, especially when you see that a lot of those ideals had unintended consequences when lived out in the world that did more damage than the problems they were supposed to be solving.

People don’t understand economics, they don’t understand psychology, they don’t understand history and least of all, and most dangerously, they don’t understand religion or philosophy. We are living in a world where the IMF talks out of its bum about economics. Where the UN is a talking shop for tyrants and torturers. Where the EU is mindlessly marching on to an ‘ever greater union’ despite all the evidence that Europe doesn’t have a common culture, system of law, or economy.

We are living in a world where the global warming myth is still taken seriously long after the ‘science’ has been discredited. Where on closer inspection even the rabid greens at the IPCC slip in confessions, for example, that the cost of reversing global warming (not that there is any, but cest la vie) will be much higher than the cost of dealing with its consequences. Which is a huge torpedo under the waterline for the whole climate change industry. Except curiously this line doesn’t get into the policy brief for politicians from very same IPCC because that is written by a clique of even more insular rabid greens…

The whole thing is beyond a farce. But people don’t like to believe the world is run by idiots. They would rather believe intricate conspiracy theories that everything is run by the Illuminati. Sorry folks, this country is run by people called David Cameron, Nick Clegg and soon Ed Miliband. The world is run by these people desperately trying to make sense of things, muddling through one thing after another, then they go home drink a whiskey and think… well at least I’m getting paid a big wedge of cash…

Gordon Brown was supposed to be an economist for crying out loud and he spent all the money faster than any peacetime chancellor in history, whilst constantly spouting on about prudence and how he had personally abolished ‘boom and bust’. These people really are complete idiots.

The problem with idiots though, is you cannot argue with a drunk or a fool. We need to rebuild our society’s critical thinking functions from the ground up.


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