Same old, just worse.

So then, the Ebola outbreak is gathering speed in Africa, and its only a matter of time before the first non African case emerges. One person can and probably will get on a plane to the rest of the world and bring the virus with them.

Ebola has only been contained in the past because its incredible lethality and rapid onset of debilitating symptoms actually hinders its spread and has hit mostly isolated villages. But this is the biggest outbreak so far, it is killing doctors, it has reached cities. Liberia has effectively shut down as a country in a desperate attempt to contain it. This is not like every other outbreak.

Anyway, there isn’t much we can do about it bar prayer, but if you know someone who has recently flown from Africa and is suffering from flu like symptoms I’d recommend you tell them to visit the doctor immediately and that you studiously avoid physical contact. Then again our world is so interconnected that a carrier could sneeze in Heathrow and spread the virus to the four corners of the globe.

I’ve also been watching the world’s reaction to the blood letting in Gaza. The Israelis do understand the consequences of civilian casualties, they do get it. They do try to avoid them, but in a war zone as filled with civilians as Gaza is, when soldiers are getting tired and Hamas are deliberately using civilians as human shields, tragic mistakes are inevitable. The UN has called for a ceasefire, which ironically is what Israel has wanted from the beginning, if only Hamas were interested in peace.

In personal news, I haven’t taken my board gaming group betrayal well at all, in fact its been a disaster psychologically speaking. My therapist cancelled on me on Monday, and is basically on holiday for the next month and I’m about to have serious money problems in a short while having thought I was doing ok only a month ago.

Moral of the story; when you have low income never think to yourself, ooh I’ve got some money, because very quickly you won’t have any… as it happens I’ve just checked my account and I won’t go bankrupt in August, I wish I could say the same for September or November…

On the plus side I had a Lincolnshire sausage, black pudding and smoked bacon sandwich this morning, wow, delicious! There is something amazing about black pudding, its so blatantly evil, but so incredibly tasty!


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