Kill your TV

So then, Baroness Warsi has resigned from the cabinet because of the UK government’s decision not to condemn Israel for the conflict in Gaza. Well it’d be more of a story if anyone gave a damn for Baroness Warsi other than Baroness Warsi. I’m sure she’ll have a long and prosperous career on BBC panel shows catering to the moral relativism market. Which reminds me, I’m so glad I don’t watch TV anymore.

So then, what is the real story about Gaza? Well things rarely change when it comes to the Palestinians, but the middle east has changed around them. The Arab spring has turned out to be a disaster and the last thing that Israel’s Arab neighbours want is a horrible little group like Hamas being emboldened, getting everything that they want by starting a war they cannot win.

Thus we have the weird situation where Europe and the USA are seemingly pro-Hamas with Egypt and Saudi Arabia against. Israel represents a stable ally against Iran and Hamas are a fanatical terrorist group funded from Tehran.

So anyway, maybe some of you are wondering why I am so pro-Israel? Well I think the answer is because the anti-Israel attitude I see all the time in this country is thinly disguised antisemitism.

My life has basically been a journey towards being in a minority. Becoming Catholic opened my eyes to anti-Catholicism, being conservative in the north of England opened my eyes to the knee-jerk hatred of ‘Tories’ (and frankly irrational nature of left wing belief systems). Learning the truth about ‘global warming’ has given me nothing but grief for not toeing the line. Being bisexual and transgender as well as Catholic seems to put me in a minority of one. So when people conflate Israel with ‘The Jews’, and then proceeds to verbally attack them with vitriol, my hackles rise.

It is becoming a mantra of mine, so I’ll say it again, it seems to me that the truth is always more complicated than we are told. Dig a little deeper into any tricky subject and you discover that the narrative created to be swallowed unquestioningly by the masses is at best filled with error at worst mass deception. If some group or person are going to such lengths to create a web of half truths someone, somewhere must have an incentive to do so.

Recently I’ve been struck by the sudden drop in the quality of the Telegraph newspaper precipitated by the wholesale ejection of seasoned reporters and writers from that publication. I don’t have an alternative newspaper I trust. The Times, among its many sins, is rabidly anti-Catholic, the Daily Mail has one or two good writers but is otherwise absolute gutter press, the Indy is unreadable and whiny, the Guardian wrong headed on absolutely everything. So yes, expect to see more links to Brietbart London.

People trusting the BBC to report the Gaza conflict without bias are living in a fantasy world. Everyone has a bias. Don’t believe anything you see or hear straight off the bat. Also if international reporters won’t dare record Hamas fighters attacking Israel, then you have to ask yourself what kind of picture is that going to create in the minds of people in the west. The camera does lie, and the easiest lie of all is to lie by omission.

The media response to the Ebola crisis is another good example, all over I’m seeing articles saying its nothing to worry about. This on a virus has a 50% fatality rate even under hospital care and can be transmitted by fluid contact, eg dirty needles and sex. We’ve obviously never had a problem with a virus that can be spread like that before have we?

Interestingly this outbreak has killed more people than all the previous outbreaks put together because it has a slower cycle, in other words because its been ever so slightly slower to kill its hosts it has been more able to spread. Just think, we only need another mutation in this direction and Ebola could become a global health crisis that makes the AIDS epidemic look like cold season.

Finally if Ebola is so easy to contain why is it that western doctors who are fully aware they are treating infected persons have become infected themselves? Do we really think the standards of cleanliness in UK hospitals are perfect? (They really aren’t)

So whilst our healthcare system would be better able to cope with Ebola people do need to be worried about it, it is only by being extremely vigilant that we can defend ourselves from it and the complacency of the media response is problematic for this reason. Seems to me the message is, keep calm and carry on shopping. So yes, as Douglas Coupland said in Generation X “Kill your TV”.


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