Thoughts for the day

Vicky Beeching has come out of the closet. Well done her! Let this be a shock to Bible belt America where she is so popular. Also let this be a shock to ‘charismatic’ Christians. In response to a declaration of homosexuality some would attempt to exorcise her. That this bullshit still goes on in this day and age is depressing. I’ve been through the evangelical christian movement… I don’t have much positive to say about it, suffice to say, these little quirks are not harmless, I saw first hand the emotional and spiritual destruction they wrought. 

The conversation that gave rise to me having a nightmare about a charismatic prayer meeting in my parish is worth relaying. I was walking out of church having just altar served when a couple of my fellow parishioners mentioned to me that they wanted to have a charismatic prayer meeting so they can receive the Holy Spirit. (Both of them are older women, one a pensioner) 

What I should have said was “Is the body and blood of Christ not enough for you?”. Instead I flatly said I’d rather be dead, that I’d been there, done that and I didn’t want the T-shirt. When did Catholics lose the idea that the Holy Spirit is entirely involved in the Mass? without the Spirit transubstantiation wouldn’t happen. This is the core of our faith, it is said explicitly every Mass.
But apparently people getting emotional in a group, speaking gibberish and calling it ‘tongues’ and generally being loud and discordant is somehow the Holy Spirit at work. Give me a break.

In other news; have I mentioned that I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy? well I did, and its fantastic, wall to wall action packed fun, filled to the brim with colour. Every character is good, with the possible exception of the villain who isn’t given much background story. But then how much background did we get on Darth Vader in Star Wars: A New Hope. Little to none. The bad guys are bad because they do very bad things; Kill they ass. We can worry about how the murderous lunatics of ISIS got their ideology after they are all safely dead. (Hint, it has something to do with the contents of the Quran)

In other world news I’ve been following America for some time via my favourite bloggers. And to quote a phrase: all is not well. Their police are armed with military hardware, some of whom are aggressive bordering on the psychotic and the legal system defends their right to dispense random violence to the back teeth. The US legal system is totally sclerotic and open to abuse. The border police pull guns on boy scouts on the Canadian border whilst letting millions of Mexicans in at the southern border. America is rapidly becoming a basket case and the President is golf player in chief. Frankly at this point anybody would do a better job, even Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying something.

In other news, a year back I watched a video of Mark Steyn talking about his book on demographics titled America alone. In it he said it was only a matter of time before Turkey went the way of Islamic government because the more staunchly Islamic Anatolian Turks were massively out procreating the moderate secular Turks. Well that day has come to pass and their PM sounds more like an Islamist every day.

Demographics are destiny, we should remember that, and I for one don’t want to wake up one morning living in an Islamic state. Turkey of course was always going to fall first, but the demographics for Europe are equally troubling. Quite simply, Muslims are having more babies than we are, and the more radical they are the more babies they seem to be having. This coupled with the fact that the more radical Muslims (ie the ones who actually do what the Quran says all good Muslims should do) are the ones who are making most of the noise in the culture, and they are not as small a minority as the fuzzy liberals would have us believe. One in three young Muslims in this country believe apostasy from Islam should be punished by death.

Meanwhile thanks to modern global communications Muslims can all tune into Al Jazeera to get their daily dose of unreformed middle eastern Islam straight from the deserts of Arabia, a Qatari funded channel that glosses over the murderous nature of ISIS like its a non issue. Then they can go onto Twitter to check up on the latest picture of a jihadi holding a severed infidel head. 

The writing is on the wall or more precisely, the black flag of the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ has already been seen flying over a London housing estate. Hopefully it won’t happen in my lifetime, but if I had kids I’d be very worried for my grandchildren. Like I say, if we do not like the idea of Europe being overrun by radical Islamists then we need to saddle up and do something about it now starting with the pernicious doctrine of multiculturalism that gives Islamism the perfect breeding ground. That and we need to start making babies any takers?



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