The travails of transsexual dating

So then, the upshot of my whirlwind unrequited romance is that I’ve joined a dating website for transsexuals. It is ridiculous that we need our own website, but most of the mainstream dating websites don’t have more than Male/Female or Gay/Straight… I’ve got news for them, there are lots of things besides those binary options. Anyway, the very second thing I got after I joined was some hick from Alabama making a friend request without even messaging me first… I messaged him asking him about who he was etc but got no reply. Welcome to the world of misogyny. I’m sure I’ll begin to understand what has got rabid feminists all riled up all too soon. These ‘men’ expect women to suck their dicks without nary a word of getting to know you first. There is also an unhealthy proportion of men who have a fetish for transsexual women. We are objects to them. Not people. So yes, I shall be cautious.

Talking about rank misogyny I was watching a girl play a highly complex minecraft mod on Twitch the other day, and a message popped up in the combox “show us yer tits”. Which was promptly deleted by the automated system. Then five minutes later another popped up “show us your tits”, now it might have been the same user with a different account, but that is a lot of effort to go to just to lech at someone. This prompted a discussion among the civilised members of the combox about how backward these people were. Then the broadcaster just said to ignore them, its like they don’t even exist to me. This is how it is, the woman has to just put up with this BS. It is an inevitable part of being an attractive woman online. 

In a funny sort of way it might be a good thing that these people expose their disgusting selves for everyone to see and know them for who they are. This is the problem with the downfall of the BNP, at least when it was around we knew exactly who they were. Now they’ve all moved to UKIP, which is a shame because the EU is an abomination, but it doesn’t matter how much sense they talk about that or any other subject now, people will not vote for candidates of a party which has been thoroughly infiltrated by Nazis.

From the sinister to the sublime Fantasy Flight Games have played a blinder at Gencon. A third faction for X-wing. A new Star Wars RPG. A new Star Wars fleet game. A new Star Wars campaign/skirmish game. Yes lots of things Star Wars, all of which I want, none of which I have the money for… :-S I actually emailed them asking for one of the ships they’ve just provided for X-wing. The MandalMotors StarViper is one of the best looking ships in sci-fi. Christmas isn’t all that far away I suppose 😛


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