Happiness at the restaurant at the end of the universe.

So then, I seem to have found a very nice chap on this dating website. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. He’s lovely. A history student like I was, interesting, kind, and most importantly seems to be just as interested in me as I am in him. Basically I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself but with regard to my previous history, that doesn’t seem likely does it? Now all I need to do is somehow get thin and hot… that doesn’t seem very likely either :-S especially if you struggle to get out the flat like I do, but anyway it still feels good to have some rather conventional romantic emotions about someone.


In other less happy news, I’ve found out that in all likelihood, the NHS will be incredibly slow to deal with my transition. We are talking years. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time already, I’m rapidly approaching my 30th birthday and still haven’t done anything concrete about it. In reality I’ve been becoming more psychologically ready so it hasn’t been a waste of time… but it doesn’t feel like that.

In the world of politics I’ve become convinced that we are in the last three or four decades of western civilisation. America is rapidly losing its sense of liberty and its national debt is truly staggering. Britain is even more of a basket case and we are joined at the hip with the EU. To say the lunatics are running the asylum doesn’t do the gravity of the situation justice. We are living in the last years of decadence before the fanatics pull the curtain down, so enjoy it while it lasts.

In religious news apparently the Vatican is feverishly working on the next encyclical. Will it be about militant Islam? religious freedom? the liturgy? no… apparently its going to be about Ecology. Anyone else looking forward to the next Pope yet? I know I am. If the Vatican gets on board with the global warming myth it will make itself a laughing stock when that particular bubble bursts, if the Vatican goes against it will get lots of smug atheists telling us we are cave dwellers, then nobody will remember it when the bubble bursts. This is a definition of a lose lose subject and also one that has very little to do with religion as far as I can tell. 

Nobody believes in burning the world for the sake of it like some villain from Captain Planet. Even places like China are beginning to realise that there is a cost to ignoring the environmental impact of industrialisation. We shouldn’t be wasteful, we shouldn’t be obsessively materialist, we should avoid pollution as best we can, but none of this needs an encyclical. All it will do is give succour to the tree hugging Gaia worshiping hippies who have infiltrated the highest levels of our society. The people who make millions from wind turbines off the backs of poor people who can’t afford their electricity bills and drop dead in the winter. These people who promote Bio-fuels, inflating global food prices. These people who cause indoor pollution deaths in the third world because cheap electricity is held out of reach because of CO2 caps. Will this encyclical point any of this out? I wouldn’t bet on it no.


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