Peace in the middle east.

So then, there is an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza, in return for some small (assuredly heavily scrutinised) humanitarian aid through the ‘blockade’ Hamas has decided to stop firing rockets. They will sing and dance saying they have won a great victory, (and in fact they already have) which gives you a clue. They haven’t won a great victory, Gaza is devastated, but what they have achieved is they have clung on to power so they can continue to execute their own civilians and stock up on rockets for two or three years time when they’ll do exactly the same all over again.

Most Gazans will be celebrating but deep down they know that they are celebrating because their rulers have finally stopped fighting a ‘war’ they could never win whilst using them as human shields. In fact it is rather interesting that several Hamas leaders were killed just before this ceasefire, the little people can get caught in the crossfire but as soon as the bigwigs start dropping there is suddenly peace, and peace on the terms that were laid out by Egypt eight days into the conflict.

It is hard to see this as a victory if you are Israeli either, just delaying the inevitable resumption of hostilities until further down the road, but they’ll have a couple of years of peace and quiet to get on with building the only free democracy in the middle east and they’ll have to be building more settlements too, all over Europe Jews are noticing the rise in antisemitism and are contemplating moving to Israel. In fact since Israel is one of the only countries that doesn’t kowtow to multiculturalism it could end up being one of the safest places to live before too long.

Israel will have also learned that they can’t rest their fate on the mood of the oval office, it will only take a couple more golfers in chief and they will be hung out to dry. Iran’s nuclear negotiations are ongoing, as is their nuclear program, which if completed could become a nuclear pogrom but nobody fear, I’m sure the EU’s apparatchik of the day will be able to talk down the Ayatollah. We live in truly absurd times.

Meanwhile the media in the west relentlessly presses all the Hamas g spots, I’ve seen writers in the Telegraph even refuse to call Hamas a terrorist group. If there was any way to do radical Islam’s bidding on the matter of Gaza they would do it. That is one of the key reasons why antisemitism is on the rise. This has been one of the most perfect propaganda campaign ever conducted in the history of modern telecommunications. Lots of pictures of Gazan destruction and suffering, no pictures of a solitary Hamas fighter at all. If the wider world doesn’t see Hamas fighters fire rockets from launch sites adjacent to schools, mosques, hospitals etc, then people won’t believe it. People need to see that for what it is. That a free western media could do Hamas bidding is the shameful part. If the western world doesn’t want to go under a tide of Islamic radicalism then we need to saddle up, philosophically and culturally and it needs to happen right now.


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