The worst feeling in the world is when people confirm your prejudices.

I read a lot of articles complaining about the recent expansion of a settlement in Israel in the west bank. People saying all sorts of nasty things about Israel. I thought “there is something not right here”, and indeed there wasn’t. My prejudice was that the vast majority of the western media has taken to hatred of Israel like a duck to water. Then I read this, and yes it all made sense.

Last Sunday one of the intercessions at Mass was that ‘jihadists will see reason’. I’m sorry but as far as they are concerned, they have seen reason, it is us who are the deluded ones. They think beheading people is fun. There is a phrase used to describe pirates during the ‘golden’ era of piracy, enemies of all mankind. I’ve actually studied the golden era of piracy and whilst their brutality was similar they didn’t have the same kind of religious motivation (obviously).

The pirates were often social bandits, they needed to be able to sell their goods and there were plenty of neglected European island colonies desperate to buy them. In fact Britain engaged in some rather dubious privateering to enable all of our Caribbean colonies to flourish, only calling it piracy when it no longer suited us. The Spanish considered every non Iberian ship in the Caribbean pirate, which was somewhat of an egotistical statement that they were the only ones with a right to be there, but since British colonies certainly flourished due to rampant and ill regulated privateering for them it might as well have been true. Pirates had all sorts of ways to justify their brutality to themselves, and to be honest their reasons were far better than Isis. The Spanish treatment of locals was effectively a genocide (as highlighted by Jesuit tracts on the issue) and this was used as justification to attack any Spanish shipping.

ISIS on the other hand have a religion, have a global vision, and it involves beheading everyone who doesn’t fit their exceptionally narrow idea of what it means to be a good Muslim. They are enemies of all mankind. There is no way to negotiate with people of this mindset. They have to be ended. One other interesting thing I noticed is that the Christians were ruthlessly driven out of Mosul and Syria, even being crucified, and few people gave a damn, then the Yazidis were being butchered and suddenly it was an international war crime. Funny that.

If the west gives a damn about the world, humanity, then it needs to act, yes war is horrible, but do you think people who behead other people for fun are going to stop after a stern talking to from uncle Barack and baby Cameron?

In personal news, the guy I really fancied on that dating website has dropped off the radar, I’m pretty depressed about that, and I got a letter from the NHS saying I’ll be waiting for a very long time before they even consider putting me on a waiting list for gender reassignment services. Then I know how needlessly slow their process is. To say I’m depressed about that is the understatement of the century. When will people wake up and realise that the NHS is shit, its slow, its expensive, its absurd and almost downright cruel.

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