Independence day?

So the Scottish referendum is upon us. I think its a harbinger of the apocalypse, not because Scottish independence would be bad for everyone, which it would, but that so much energy is being wasted on such a nonsense, a self inflicted wound. There are so many real life issues we should be more concerned about rather than creating new ones. The cost to the UK monetarily will be staggering, but the cost to our cohesion, to our identity will be huge and is already huge.

The Orange order were marching in Endinbrugh. We do not need sectarian tensions being given fuel. Violence is being predicted on polling day, and the no campaign has been somewhat understated because people don’t want to open themselves up to the virulent nationalist attacks. We do not need to be weakened with infighting when it seems the wheels are falling off the wagon of the post world war two war peace dividend.

Pope Francis has called the current level of global conflict a piecemeal world war three, which is maybe a slight exaggeration, but there is that feeling in the air similar to Japan’s invasion of China that showed the league of nations was a powerless talking shop (just as the UN is seen today) Obama’s desire for peace is manifesting as inaction and allowing evil to flourish. Putin is a cold war relic reacting to EU over reaching. But the vast majority of the conflict has been Islamic in motivation, when are people going to start saying the blindingly obvious on that front?

Obama threw away the hard won peace in Iraq with his premature retreat. His weak and slow reaction to ISIS has meant the effort to stop them will have to be bigger, and will probably have to fall to the next US president. But the other thing the world needs to get used to is that all wars involve civilian casualties, wars against a terrorist state especially so because they hide amongst civilians and positively revel in civilian casualties. They commit deliberate acts of mass murder precipitating war, then point to the inevitable collateral damage of war and say “see you are just as bad as us”.

Moderation in war is madness, you need to destroy your enemy as quickly as possible, long attritional wars always cause more death and destruction. But that’s what we’ll get with president weak sauce. Meanwhile the rest of Nato has slashed defense spending to the point that without America we can do little to nothing.

British defense spending has always been slashed just years before a big war. This is how its been for hundreds of years. By that reckoning there is a storm coming. It seems the only politician with any balls is Tony Abbott of Australia, committing troops, his decision to confront evil head on is inspiring, it is better to be on hand with ten men than absent with ten thousand, its time the western world followed his example, the more troops you send the less you’ll lose and six hundred Aussies isn’t going to get it done.


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