Mad world gets madder by the minute

Lately I’ve been casting my eye over politics again. A friend of mine asked why. My response was that its the most laughably dysfunctional process run by the most intellectually dishonest people, so I guess its morbid curiosity. But if at the moment politics is a dark comedy its about to become a serious nightmare. Ed Miliband looks utterly hopeless but the worst thing about it is that EVERYBODY KNOWS this and Labour are still neck and neck or slightly ahead in the polls. The question arises why?

The answer isn’t political, its cultural. It started with the way universities were subverted by communists in this country during the cold war. In fact a lot of red professors were open about their loyalties to the Soviet Union. This led to left wing school teachers who are also public servants so public spending will always be a good thing in their book. Then we had the rise of anti-Thatcherism on TV. Ben Elton and co. That is what really began to push the needle left in this country. Politics became a matter of what was cool and what wasn’t and lets be clear it became so ingrained that Ben Elton could walk onto a stage and say ‘Margaret Thatcher’ and people would boo like trained monkeys. Tony Blair’s ‘cool Britania’ was the logical conclusion of this vacuous movement, when being seen to be a ‘cool’ politician trumped everything, spin was vastly more important than substance. Barack Obama owes a lot to Tony Blair in this way.

The final result is we have generations of people at voting age who have been raised in a culture where TV is king and TV is left wing. They will vote accordingly. Conservative voters are almost always either old or very old. The demographics are destiny because the culture war has been fought and won, by the left.

Now it doesn’t matter how effectively you argue that left wing ideas are poisonous to the poor. It doesn’t matter how effectively you argue that wind ‘power’ is utterly bonkers. It doesn’t matter how many horror stories about the EU you uncover. You can’t compete with two hours a day of brainwashing. People do believe what they see on the news, especially the opinion. That is the interesting part, people do often feel able to question facts of a piece (not enough in my opinion but still) but they don’t question the manipulation of the heartstrings.

A typical BBC report on anything, will have the right wing politico say something, then rather than find a lefty politico to debate the issue they’ll go find someone who will make a sad face to camera and say look what that horrible politico is doing to the average Joe. It is this blatant manipulation that makes me tear my hair out. This goes on at the highest levels at the ultimate lefty institution and waste of oxygen, the UN. Logic does not prevail today, we live in a mad age. When will the world wake up? Probably the day people dispose of their TV’s.

In Catholic news, the lefty media has picked up on a couple of not quite damning things a Bishop has said about gay people in a position paper for the Synod on the family. This is apparently big news. It really isn’t. The left wing media should get its sources in their correct context and stop getting people’s hopes up. The Church needs to be obedient to its own Catechism first in regard to being truly accepting and compassionate to gay people. Once that happens eventually it will have to listen to gay people and discover that they do not consider themselves to be ‘intrinsically disordered’ when it comes to who they fall in love with. I expect change to come gradually, probably long after I’m dead, I’d say five hundred years is an ambitious estimate. By which time western civilisation will have long since fallen so I guess it’ll be a moot point.


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