May you live in idiotic times.

So then its been months since my last post. Winter is always absolutely brutal to my mental health. Also nothing much has changed in the world except the news has been increasingly and unrelentingly grim. They say cometh the hour; cometh the man, but I see no evidence of that thus far. There is a reason why the bible says don’t put your faith in kings and princes.

My therapist tells me that focusing on future global issues is one of things which cripples me in the here and now and he’s almost certainly right. But I’m going to talk about my favourite pet beef anyway.

The head of the IPCC has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment. This is the railway engineer who, with a close knit cadre of chums, repeatedly rewrote the IPCC summary for policy makers to whitewash the findings of the full report which were invariably less conclusive than he would have liked (or at least retained a modicum of healthy scientific caution).

At the same time as one of the chief architects of the anthropogenic global warming scam is exiting stage left, the government funded bodies in America that keep the ground temperature record have been caught upwardly adjusting the temperature records by 35%.

You remember how 2014 was the hottest year on record? well it wasn’t. But it doesn’t matter because news that they’ve fiddled the numbers will never make it into the mainstream press anyway. Christopher Booker being the notable exception. (one of the two good writers left at the zombie Telegraph)

Now all that is left is to ascribe motivation to the most expensive error in the history of science. Was it deception? was it confirmation bias? was it just a massive cock up by statistically illiterate ‘scientists’? well if it were the latter it would have been corrected before now. It doesn’t matter to the warmists if they make mistakes so long as they make the right kind of mistakes. My theory is that left wing governments across the Western world have had little incentive to dig up the truth, because this kind of scare is right up their ally.

It reminds me of Reg Shoe in Terry Pratchett’s Nightwatch who is so ideologically blinded he puts The Peoples Republic of Treacle Mine Road under rationing when they have more food than they can possibly eat. (Just so long as he gets to be the one holding the clipboard and bossing everyone about of course). Except of course this manufactured alarm is a colossal waste of money in a time when nobody has any money. It seems to me the jig is up, but I don’t expect the leftists of the world to stop dancing to its long faded tune. We truly live in the most idiotic times.


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