Stupid Election

So then, my theory that the world is collectively getting dumber is only going to grow in strength in an election year. Ed Miliband seems to think 1970’s style socialism is just the ticket. David Cameron is campaigning on the platform of ‘I am not Ed Miliband’. Unfortunately for his electoral prospects the nation has managed to get to the other side of the recession swamp despite him and his cack-handed pinko administration rather than because of anything he’s done. The idea of voting for a man’s systematic destruction of the Conservative party and its core principles is galling. Even if the Labour party has embraced its most destructive left wing fantasies that doesn’t exactly get me running to the polling station. Not that the Conservatives matter up north anyway. Labour’s opposition here is UKIP.

To give you an idea of the absurdity of our current Prime Minister, recently UKIP promised to keep UK defence spending at 2% of GDP. This is astonishing only in the fact that it has been an election issue at all. The UK, as a Nato signatory, has promised on to keep its defence spending over 2% of GDP. So what is David Cameron doing neglecting our responsibilities on the global stage by not promising to keep it at that level? Heaven forbid we should get into a shooting war with a country that actually has a military rather than the unruly mobs we’ve had such trouble fighting in the middle east. What people don’t realise is that the 2% of gdp, that Cameron hasn’t promised to ring fence, for the first time includes our very expensive nuclear deterrent. In other words military expenditure has gone through the floor under our present government at a time when the world seems less safe by the day.

This is what is so irritating about the furore surrounding UKIP, on this issue and many others not only is it obvious they are talking sense, its the legacy parties who are talking absolute tosh. UKIP is subjected to the most intense scrutiny (and indeed misinformation) regarding its candidates. This scrutiny should be subjected to the legacy parties. I’ve got news for Labour, Conservatives and Libdem parties, a lot of your party members are bigots too. The Greens are misanthropes who want to send us back to the stone age but they are getting wildly disproportionate voter support due to the dishonest reporting and left leaning foibles of our current establishment. This and the fact that their idiotic energy policy is actually less idiotic than Labour’s, I get the feeling that leftists don’t want to start throwing stones in glass houses. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are both campaigning on a platform even further to the left of Labour and look like they will do quite well doing so. We are faced with Labour needing SNP support to form a government so far to the left it really will be back to the 1970’s.

Good luck with the future peeps. If you have any money now is the time to emigrate. Meanwhile the rest of us might as well start learning the soviet anthem.

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