Lies, damn lies and socialists.

So the fallout of the election is still being examined. But I have a few distinct memories. The first is that numerous left wing people posted fraudulent claims on Facebook. Of course Facebook is no longer the trend setter that it used to be. It is used by washed up shut-ins like me and people who don’t know what the latest thing in social networking is (also me). But its interesting that rather than honestly engaging with political issues left wingers invariably prefer fantasy land. See also Buzzfeed, Huffpost etc.

I have seen at least two long and totally fictitious speeches put into the mouth of David Cameron. I have seen fictitious manifestos and just yesterday I saw fictitious designs of Michael Gove’s next project (getting rid of the EU interference in our constitution). It doesn’t seem to matter that none of these things were true. When I pointed it out the people in question went back to the left wing circle jerk without batting an eyelid. People say its a truism that all politicians lie, but these days, its leftist voters who are lying even more than their representatives.

Margaret Thatcher said three things that have stuck with me and stood the test of time. The first is: “the facts of life are conservative”, the more you study literally anything the more you realise this is true. Conservatives (which would have a small c if it wasn’t at the start of the sentence) look at how the world is and act accordingly, leftists create a fantasy world then try to bend reality to fit, destroying anything that gets in the way. The lefty propaganda of this election has borne that out in spectacular clarity.

The second thing Maggie said was that (socialists) “don’t mind the poor being poorer so long as the rich are less rich.” Ed Miliband was talking up class warfare for a new generation, capitalists are predators apparently. Making money is evil. If you are poor then we’ll shower you with state paternalism but if you ever try to better your own lot you’ll be hammered you down with taxes. I remember working a minimum wage job and having a huge chunk of my meagre means sucked away by the state and thinking no wonder the gap between the rich and poor widened under New Labour.

Its a sound conservative ideal to lower taxes as much as possible for as many people as possible starting with the less well off. Socialists on the other hand need all the money they can get their hands on to create jobs for the ‘new class’. The self-righteous, mediocre, parasitic, patronising, middle class snobs in cushy public sector jobs who work night and day to ensure 50% of our GDP is public spending so they can have jobs for life. According to these self same people, in left wing fantasy land, people vote conservative because they are cold hearted fascists who hate the poor and vulnerable and want them to suffer.

The third thing Maggie said was: “the biggest problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”. If ever there was an election which proved that it was this one. Red Ed and Ed Bollocks were both key players in Labour’s prolific spending spree before the economic crash. They left our country in a staggeringly weak position to deal with the financial crisis, their hubris assured them we would never have another recession ever again… and they openly said they’d do it all again given the chance.

The “sorry there is no more money” treasury note ‘joke’ was rightfully waved about by David Cameron*. The two Ed’s refusing to admit the Labour government had over spent was the sound of them getting into a political coffin and nailing it shut from the inside. (*Though Cameron was waving it about because at heart he’s a tax and spend paternalist who wishes he had lots of taxpayers money to fritter away in the cause of his own self aggrandisement)

So there we have it. Ed Miliband lost because he wasn’t Margaret Thatcher. Who’d have thunk it?


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