“Sodom cried the Church, sod’em cried the voters”

So then Ireland has legalised gay marriage. Good for them. The quote that springs to my mind is “the circle is now complete, when I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master”. A bit unfortunate it comes from Darth Vader but the social revolution in Ireland has been staggeringly fast. I do also wonder that now the shoe is on the other foot its important to be magnanimous in victory.

What was the point exactly of suing a bakery for not baking a cake in favour of gay marriage? has queer culture come to such a pass that it needs to legally force people to bake cakes for us? homophobes can screw themselves, we don’t need their approval. Same with the sad notion of ‘positive discrimination’. There is nothing positive about hiring people based on their skin colour or sexual orientation. Two wrongs do not make a right. Gay rights should not be a Nietzschean will to power but a quest for a society that isn’t built on prejudice and oppression.

As well as being queer, I’m also a Catholic (though not a particularly good Catholic at the moment) and a conservative. But frankly both the conservative and the Catholic responses to my sexuality are despicable. Lately I’ve been finding it increasingly hard to go to church knowing that it is riddled with institutional homophobia. Likewise social conservatives make me sick. What is conservative about poking your nose into other peoples private lives, telling people how they should live? That’s what lefties do.

I saw an article about the girl scouts of America allowing transvestite boys to join for the first time. The blind mad rage in the comments section below it was eye watering. Especially when you realise that there was enough people commenting there that one of them was bound to have a closet gay child and that child is going to live a very lonely and fearful childhood. What exactly is it about a boy in a dress that makes people so angry?

Recently whilst looking for hints for GTA5 I came across a post by someone who went on at sinister length about how much he likes to kill transvestites in the game. He justified it to himself by saying he was angry at Rockstar games for pushing the issue down his throat. Never mind GTA5 is set in a city which is clearly based on LA. Greater Los Angeles has a population of nearly 20million. Do people realise that at the bare minimum 5% of men cross dress? (its very hard to get an accurate number due to the taboo). That number is very conservative, with a lots of studies saying 10% or even more.

Therefore transvestitism, whilst not common, is not particularly rare either and basically fairly boring, normal and has been going on since the dawn of time. (literally as it happens, archaeologists found a bronze age man who had been given a traditionally female burial). That a tiny proportion of men dare go out dressed as women due to transphobia is sad, and their depiction in GTA is actually perfectly proportionate to reality. But of course transphobia is not rational, at some level I think its about externalising fear of that part of us that is of the opposite sex. We are made in the image of God, men and women have far more in common than people like to admit, but woe betide a man who appears ‘soft’ or heaven forbid feminine. Why? because secretly these people are misogynists.

Anyway, in conclusion, the Catholic Church doesn’t campaign for gay rights, it doesn’t think that the iniquitous treatment of queer people merits Christian action. For that alone the Church should be ashamed of itself. Christians have created a cartoonish idea of what it means to be male or female then stamped it with religious approval. The collapse in Catholicism in Ireland is almost entirely of the Church’s own making, and I get the feeling that a lot of people who don’t really give a damn about gay marriage rushed to the polls to stick it to the Church. To be honest I don’t really blame them.


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