Whilst I greeted the general election results with a great deal of mirth, David Cameron is already showing why real conservatives never liked him in the first place. His manifesto pledge to give us a UK bill of rights free from European meddling has been kicked into the ‘longest of long grass’. I thought the whole point of a manifesto pledge is that you intend to implement it if you win an election, and thanks to the weakness of the opposition the Conservative party have done just that. But his first queen’s speech was a u-turn right out of the gates. Constitutional reform should be done carefully, but that means it has to be started in week one to give it the full five years, not tacked on in year four.

Conversely Cameron’s rush to get to an EU referendum is precisely because he wants the general public to be ill informed about the EU. People think the EU is vital to Britain’s free trade interests. It most certainly isn’t. In fact leaving the EU would give us more power to negotiate trade deals, eg Norway and Switzerland, especially deals with countries outside the EU. More to the point the EU is economically stagnant anyway. The rest of the world isn’t. Perhaps Britain should be given time to think about why that is so?

I was gleeful about Ed Davey losing his seat, and said at the time Cameron would have to find another idiot to fill his post… well looks like Cameron has found someone who fits that bill.

Anyway, watching the radical left’s ever more boorish temper tantrum about the election result is amusing, especially when you consider that this is the most left wing conservative government ever. Though boorish is one of those funny historical injustices embedded into the English language, a slur on the rugged self sufficient Boers who would have had nothing to do with this horrible lot.


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