Hot water

Well yesterday my hot water tank was fixed, after three days without it a hot bath was perhaps the most amazing thing in the world. Its amazing how such a small thing can have such a profound psychological effect. I’m terrible at washing in a sink and washing long curly hair in a sink is nigh impossible. Basically I cancelled four out of five events over the weekend (and Therapy on Monday) and had something of a break down. I was unable to sleep much so I slept fifteen hours after I had a bath yesterday.

There hasn’t been much major news, David Cameron went around the EU with his begging bowl and showed his Europhile true colours, no surprise there. If he were more than an empty suit he’d have set the bar much higher and would seek to genuinely reform the EU… as it is he’s made clear he just wants something to hang his hat on when he puts forth a staggeringly biased referendum question that the pro European lobbies are going to throw millions at to make sure they win.

People are ill informed about the Lisbon treaty. It guarantees that countries leaving the EU have to be offered full free trade. Europe is economically stagnant and the UK’s economy is one of the least worst of the major European countries, frankly they need us a lot more than we need them. Talking of which what exactly is it that the EU does for us? I even went on an EU propaganda website to have a look at what they say the EU does for us and couldn’t see anything mildly impressive even if it were credible. The only thing that is impressive is the amount of money they take from us and squander.

But British people like the notion of being team players, we like collegiality, we like European countries, we like being seen as calm and moderate and will naturally grow suspicious of anything being seen as a temper tantrum (which the independence campaign will be portrayed as). This is probably one of the least racist countries in the world so when the pro-British campaign inevitably mention immigration you can imagine what the pro-EU campaign will be saying about that. As much as I think Nigel Farage is great someone from the two main parties needs to lead the pro-British campaign, but it seems none are willing to put their heads above the parapet. All this adds up to an inescapable fact. The status quo will be maintained. The fear of change will prevail. Freedom to find our own place in the world will be abandoned to become a safe but ultimately ignored cog in the EU machine, that is until the mullahs take over anyway.


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