US supreme court gay marriage decision.

So then, gay marriage has been passed in America. I agree with gay marriage both in a civil sense (which I think is inarguable) but in a spiritual sense. In that it is very possible for gay people to genuinely love each other and want to formally make permanent their union before God.

What I do not agree with is the incredibly queer way that America has gone about it. Five out of nine judges have pulled it out of thin air. There is nothing in the 14th amendment of the US constitution about gay marriage but a slim majority in the highest court in the land have passed an incredibly important and contentious law by citing that amendment. (I seem to remember US abortion law was passed in a similar fashion).

At least David Cameron was elected and if the British people felt strongly against gay marriage they could have kicked him from office at the election. Instead, the British people voted him back in with a majority. Ukip could have campaigned on an anti gay marriage ticket to sweep up a few grey haired disaffected Tory voters, but they know how to read poll numbers (and demographics) as well as anyone else and quietly kicked their opposition to gay marriage into the tallest of tall grass. Now UKIP have a presence at London gay pride. People have decided that who marries who and which bits they have between their legs is none of their business. Live and let live. Our democracy rolls on.

But in America, a supposedly democratic country, for this law to have had to have been passed by a handful of judges shows US politics and democracy is on death’s door. Whilst this is a great day for gay people in America, its a bad day for Americans. Their laws are created by judicial fiat and they have been for some time. Obama trying to take credit for a law he did not pass is perhaps the most pathetic part of it all.

In other news yesterday I was again the only person in a twitch chat to stand up for religion. This is the future. A future of non Christian morality based almost entirely on the continual ruthless application of power. You have to acknowledge that the left’s attack on all fronts, on every institution, on every obstacle, all at the same time, all the time, is truly staggering. Its pointless arguing with this tide… its probably about time to start building an ark. So yes. As a libertarian I am very conflicted about the supreme court decision. The right outcome reached the wrong way can be a very mixed blessing indeed.


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