This deal is getting worse all the time.

So then a couple of ”diplomatic” ”deals” were struck this week. It all reminds me of that part in Star Wars when Lando Calrissian does a Vichy deal with Darth Vader in the hope of keeping cloud city out of the clutches of the Empire. More particularly the Robot Chicken version.

Greece got well and truly screwed with their pants on. It would have been far better if they had simply left the Euro. How much are the Greeks willing to let their nation be carved up to satisfy German voters? time will tell, but there will be bitter resentment and there will be consequences. But of course all that matters is that the can is kicked further down the road. Why face reality when you can buy a fantasy? One point that’s worth noting is this. How much is a country going to think about its future when its native population, demographically speaking, has no future? Greek family trees increasingly resemble an upside down pyramid. Catering to the present is all that matters.

The second ‘deal’ was the Obama administration’s complete capitulation to Iran. This was remarkable because it was the US administration, actively going out of its way to humiliate itself on the world stage and repeatedly stab its allies in the middle east in the back. Every possible concession was given to Iran, in return Iran got everything it wanted. That’s not how negotiations are supposed to work. That’s how surrenders are written. Back in the day I used to wonder what kind of madness would drive American right wingers to dream of impeaching Obama. Now I understand why. Obama’s golf handicap is his foreign policy. He doesn’t fight for American interests because he sees America as the problem. This hatred of America fuels his desire to shape America into a squishly left wing dystopia the likes of which we have in Europe and he doesn’t mind trampling on the US constitution to get there.

Talking of which, the last UK budget was interesting. A bit of a mixed bag, but politically adept. What’s the betting George Osborne will be the next Tory leader? Boris Johnson is his rival but I think people will be wary of a man who only ever says something conservative when it won’t cost him anything. Seeing the Labour party in total disarray is a sight to behold. Jeremy Corbyn is a close second in the leadership contest. I knew Labour would veer to the left but I couldn’t have dreamed they would do it this quickly. They are committing political suicide. This is bad news because it means our entire political discourse is being dragged to the left. David Cameron’s new Tory party can be center-left, riddled with contradiction and very few people will notice because the left wing have gone so far left they are completely unelectable.

I guess I should also mention the elephant in the room. I’m finding it very difficult getting to mass of late. This blog is becoming a politics blog because I’m finding it very hard to go to Church and altar serve while the people around me have no idea I’m in the closet. The things they say about homosexuality and transsexuality are part of the monkey on my back that I’m grappling with in therapy. I might be able to disregard what the Church teaches on queer issues, but its a lot less easy to disregard the casual homophobia from people I consider friends. I don’t really know how to get around this. The last two weeks I drank a lot on Saturday then used the hangover as the excuse not to go to Church. My subconscious deserves an award for that artifice. I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. So yes, I need to pray and I need people to pray for me that I’ll get to Mass.


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