The future, very unfunny, coming to where you live right now.

So then, Labour looks like it might even be mad enough to select Jeremy Corbyn as its dear leader. This is disturbing. There are lots of Conservatives who think it would be the death-knell of the Labour party. I think it probably would. But my study of history shows that nobody remotely expected Lenin, Stalin, Napoleon, Hitler or any of the other monsters of history to gain power. They were in the right place at the right time with an evil mindset.

Becoming Labour leader puts Jeremy Corbyn in the right place, and his association with terrorists makes him a quietly dangerous figure. This isn’t a half-baked, sponge soft, left wing, son of a marxist like Red (Dead) Ed. This is a full blown Marxist who desires a command economy, because that worked so well for the USSR… In addition he seems to have a poorly concealed anti-Semitic streak. To all the right wingers gleeful about his possible selection as Labour leader, be careful what you wish for, as the proverb says; if God wants to punish us he answers our prayers.

My second rant is that I made an innocuous joke about London’s truly incredible cultural transformation and was labelled a racist and kicked off a twitch stream I like. According to the 2013 census 22% of the population of London don’t speak English as a first language. That is a very conservative figure because there are a lot of immigrants who don’t want to be counted in a census. To compound the matter immigrant populations tend to coalesce into particular areas, so much so that there are parts of London where life long Londoners feel like they are in a foreign land. But we can’t talk about it, or even light heartedly joke about it. The old form of authoritarian attacks on free speech is gone, the new form is enforced from the ground up. Because the left has been proven by history to be wrong about everything, the only argument it has left is ‘shut up’. The future looks like an increasingly unfunny place.

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