Q: How did it come to this? A: Turkeys do vote for Christmas

There is a great moment, laden with pathos, in the Lord of the Rings movies. After King Théoden of Rohan leads his people into helm’s deep, against the advice of Gandalf, he realises his mistake. ‘Who am I Gamling?’ ‘you are our king sire’ ‘do you trust your king?’ ‘your men will follow you to whatever end’. (only further driving home his mistake; they are trapped) ‘To whatever end… Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountains like wind in the meadow, the days have gone down in the West behind the hills into Shadow. How did it come to this?’. The answer of course is, even after Saruman’s ensorcellment was broken, Théoden’s decisions were made out of fear. He has led his people to the brink of ruin by forgetting his nation’s strengths, he is a horse lord, not a castle lord.

This is my pompous way of saying I worry more and more for the direction the UK, Europe and even the world is heading in. We are forgetting our strengths and seem to have embraced a suicidal mindset, a perpetual retreat from hard choices that leaves us dealing with ever increasing problems. The migrant crisis has been coming for a very long time and shows exactly what happens when you let the middle east and Libya go up in flames. It was predictable and largely avoidable if it had been acted on early, but the toothpaste is out of the tube now. So are we going to elect principled, sensible, serious, heavyweight politicians to try to fix this mess? of course not.

Jeremy Corbyn is still looking like he is going to win the Labour leadership.
Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the GOP elections, the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton is the Democrat frontrunner (presuming she doesn’t end up campaigning from her jail cell for storing classified emails on a private server) How has it come to this?

Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown all came out against Jeremy Corbyn which was a sure-fire way of cementing his lead. Why do people care that Corbyn is ‘honest’? he’s honest about being a Marxist… why does being honest about liking the most murderous ideology in history make you popular? or being honest about how chummy he is with Hamas. I hope people only hate Blair, Mandelson and Brown more because they know them better… but still what kind of fantasy land do you have to be living in to elect this humourless clown?

Donald Trump blatantly doesn’t give a flying fuck about who he pisses off and it seems like he’s pissing off a lot of the right people. He is the only candidate who dares talk about immigration then everyone is surprised why he’s polling in front. Never mind he’s inarticulate, not particularly conservative, crass, not particularly likeable and would almost certainly lose in a general election. But rather than take his issue, the other GOP candidates want to attack him as a person, which only gives him more chance to show how little of a shit he gives about it thus feeding the beast. They are acting out of fear.

The root of all this is that as a society we seem to have lost the will to survive. The ‘dignitas’ clinic is just the most obvious symptom. The GB athletics team has removed the union jack from their uniforms and the Guardian calls our flag ‘divisive’. Abortion accounts for 27% of all deaths in the UK. Muhammed is by far the most popular boys name in London occupying number 1 and number 10 due to variant spellings. Freedom of speech is gone, you can criticise or mock any religion… except Islam, which is the only religion that threatens Western values.

What are those values? Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, democracy, rule of law, civil rights, property rights, women’s rights, gay rights. Sorry to sound like a broken record but these values are all thoroughly taken for granted in the west and totally absent in the ‘Islamic world’ for lack of a better term. Freedom of speech is already dead, it was murdered in Paris when terrorists killed the Charlie Hebdo team. Has anyone in Europe has put their head above the parapet since? Certainly nobody new. Geert Wilders is cutting an increasingly lonely figure.

Why should we scorn Islam? There are so many reasons but to pick the most egregious: Because the Koran sanctions Muslim men to enslave and rape non Muslim women. I think the majority of Muslims reject this because everyone is made in the image of God and some kind of knowledge of natural law inevitably sneaks in. Surely if you think the Koran is ‘infallible’ but you know raping women is wrong, that must make you question your entire religion? But Muslim’s don’t question it. Why? Because the penalty for apostasy is death. Leave the theology to the Imams instead, keep your head down or they’ll cut it off. This is the fastest growing religion in the world we are talking about here.

Anyway that’s out of our hands. What isn’t out of our hands is the Islamification of Europe. This immigration ‘crisis’ is a symptom of our withdrawal from the world, our ever shrinking defence budgets. Our lack of belief in our own society. Our selfish inward looking materialism. The spiritual vacuum of modern society. We can’t be bothered to put out the fires in the Islamic world, we can’t even be bothered to defend our own borders.

The longer we retreat towards Helm’s deep the worse the battle will be at the end. Now Théoden (when not bewitched) wasn’t a wholly bad king (maybe he’s David Cameron if we are charitable to our current PM) but its the Aragorns and Gandalfs of this world who will get us out of this mess. Would we even recognise them when we saw them? The only thing I’m sure about is they are not Jeremy Corbyn. Is Donald Trump the the man for the job? of course not, he’s a blustering (and mildly racist) buffoon, (Gimli maybe?) but until someone better turns up he might be the leader of the free world that the increasingly unfree world deserves. Better him than Hillary Clinton anyway. (Denathor, definitely Denathor). I should probably stop torturing this analogy and put it out of its misery. (who is Treebeard?)


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