Owen Jones

Lets talk about a clever leftist. This guy really is a genius political hack. The kind of wormtongue (no not that again) who could sell someone the golden gate bridge, twice. Anyway some hapless well off upwardly mobile leftist from my past liked a quote of his on Facebook. Now as we all know by now, freedom of speech is dead. If I criticise the quote it will be deleted, I know because it has happened to me many a time. So this irksome quote will sit there broadcasting its ideology unchallenged. So luckily I can come here to prevent myself grinding my teeth to dust.

Here is the quote:

“I’m not going to waste your time or patronise you by preaching the benefits of immigration. Instead, I want to ask you this. Who has caused our country most problems: the bankers who plunged us into economic disaster, the expenses-milking politicians who have the cheek to lecture us on benefit fraud, the wealthy tax-dodgers keeping £25 billion a year from the Exchequer; the poverty wage-paying bosses and rip-off rent-charging landlords; or Indian nurses and Polish fruit pickers?”

Lets dissect that, firstly yes you are wasting my time and anyone who starts a sentence saying they aren’t going to patronise or preach are already doing both.

Secondly, the global financial crisis was caused by a panic in the market about subprime mortgages issued by, among others Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Both of which were the only fortune 500 companies hand in glove with the state (as statists and leftists like Owen Jones love). Why? Because subprime mortgages are basically mortgages given to lower income people. They were helping poorer people get onto the property ladder. Is that evil? No, in fact it was overly generous. This made business sense in a booming economy, but as soon as the economy slowed as it inevitably did a lot of these people couldn’t pay up. So it was an error of hubris, but also, in a funny sort of way, it was an error of generosity compounded by state intervention in the market.

This is why Gordon Brown did what he always wanted to do and went on a gargantuan spending spree of banking nationalisation this country had never before seen, starting with Northern Rock. Why should taxpayers should foot the bill for a private company’s cock up? so that the state could do what caused Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to explode in the first place of course; pressure the banking system to hand out mortgages again which is exactly what happened.

Oh and lets not forget that the banking sector is a huge part of our economy, the tax revenue of which funds frivolous things like the welfare state… yes those nasty bankers you hate are funding everything you love Owen.

As for the expenses system, its simple, pay our politicians more and scrap the system or accept that the system is there to make sure than anyone elected MP can afford to be an MP. Put up or shut up Owen. Also I can’t help but notice the majority of politicians who defrauded the system were Labour and Libdems.

That doesn’t mean benefit fraud is ok, which is people taking scarce resources away from the people who need it and as someone who had to jump through a hundred hoops to get the help I needed at a time of acute mental illness I begrudge it. One bad thing one group does doesn’t mean another bad thing another group does is ok. That is called moral equivalence and its the first slab on the highway to hell.

As for tax dodging, a lot of the loopholes that tax dodging corporations utilise are created by leftists and the EU (though I repeat myself). Why? Because leftism inevitably means higher taxes. So how do you keep the big businesses who can afford to move from fleeing to the countries with more amenable tax regimes? Sir Albert Jobsworth takes their accountants on an exorbitantly expensive lunch (on the tax payer’s pound of course) gives them a masonic handshake, and then dicks around creating tax loopholes so that the big fishes can swim through but still catches the little ones. This is probably the only net in the world that works like that. The EU is practically made for this purpose.

Now here we get to the heart string pulling. But rents are high and wages are depressed because of supply and demand, this is exacerbated by mass immigration. Also people who own assets (particularly property) were massively enriched relatively speaking by all the quantitative easing done to bail out the government for its leftist profligacy. People who bought supercars were watching them increase in value, while people who only had small change in their pockets watched its buying power shrink.

Finally nobody blames immigrants for wanting to come here, we are a free(ish) and relatively prosperous country despite the best efforts of leftists like yourself. Mass unregulated immigration is effectively importing globalisation, it is making the rich richer and the poor poorer. At best we are stripping second and third world countries of doctors and nurses, at worst we are creating a huge downtrodden fungible pool of labour with zero bargaining power, making the minimum wage the maximum wage in huge areas of our economy and you are proud of this?


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