Rock the kasbah

So Vladimir Putin has decided to put Russia’s military where his mouth is and blow ISIS to caliphate come along with all the so called ‘moderate’ Islamists that America and Saudi Arabia have been not so secretly funding. Obama is all in a tizzy that the war he is so desperately trying to lose might be won by the Russian bear. That is the only discernible reason why even the Cubans are getting involved, gotta love humiliating the ‘leader of the free world’. (Though I’m not sure Obama could do more to humiliate his own country on the national stage at this point)

I’m sure Russia’s sledgehammer will be no less indiscriminate than the West’s, but I get the feeling that Putin wants to win whereas I’m very sure Obama wants to do as little as possible so he can pretend he’s trying. Putin is an old fashioned cold hearted bastard and he’s decided to put to the sword, or more precisely the massive air strike, the most evil grouping of bloodthirsty lunatics since Genghis Khan. There is a certain symmetry to that. There will be suffering, as ISIS’s fantasy fails before their eyes I expect they’ll become even more violent, civilians will be killed by both sides but ISIS will murder them on purpose. You can only win a war by breaking the enemy’s will to fight it and you don’t do that by ‘degrading’ them (Obama’s own word for his policy of half measures), especially not a group of religious fanatics, you do it by exterminating them.

Honestly though, the damage may already have been done. Christian Assyrians in Sweden have ‘convert or die’ graffiti daubed on their shops along with the Arabic letter N for Nazareen seen in Isis territory to denote Christians ripe for persecution. These people have fled that hell hole only to find it waiting for them in ‘fortress Europe’. The only fortress which has its gates jammed open. A recent study in Denmark has shown that Islamic immigrants are becoming less integrated and more radical over time. Angela Merkel’s solution to the migrant crisis? Back Turkish membership of the EU. Its time to ask the question, is she insane, an idiot, or does she actively crave the demise of western Europe?

It might surprise you to know that I’m not an apocalyptically minded person. The tinfoil hat doesn’t fit me well. Life will go on after sharia is implemented across Europe. It will just be grim that’s all. Women will wear their niqabs, be beaten by their husbands, girls married off at age 12, non Muslim girls will be raped, there will be honour killings, queers like me will be strung up, apostates executed, democracy will be abolished, free speech will obviously cease to exist, there will be sex slaves too if the local Imam is feeling naughty. Some of these things are already happening in the Islamic ghettos of Europe but it will spread to, shock horror, white middle class suburbia, as if the cosseted viewers of Downton Abbey somehow think it won’t happen to them because they buy organic preserves from Oxfam…

I feel I have been thoroughly proven right about ‘global warming’. The hucksters are so ginned up about the Paris climate summit because they know its their last role of the dice and almost every politician knows*, but won’t say publicly, that the jig is up. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of hand-wringing and sad panda faces, but alas, nothing could be done. (* not Barack Obama of course but then he lost touch with reality long before his first inauguration, to the point that an EU government, at the diplomatic level, believes him to be mentally ill). By the by I said Obama was an awful man long before it was fashionable to say so too.

But it seems like the worst time to be gloating about predictions when the above prediction is as dark as it is and unless something changes it will come to pass. Over the last few months we’ve all seen the timetable of its ‘fruition’ accelerate. I’ve said before that Europe, as a cultural entity, only has a couple of decades to decide whether it wants to survive, now I’d say that time frame can be measured in five years or less, maybe even in months. I wish I knew what to do about it but in the mean time lets write about it, then maybe we’ll talk about it, then maybe it might be averted.


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