Gender bending

It seems that society is very gradually deciding that gender benders like me might actually deserve to be treated as human beings. Some guy decided he would get a bit transphobic on a twitch stream I frequent and basically everyone told him to shove it, which was a nice surprise. He also directed his dislike at a female streamer saying she was transsexual. Lets just say, if she is transsexual I want to talk to her doctor. But it just reinforces the theory that transphobia is frequently just another outlet for misogyny.

Talking of which Germaine Greer decided to stick it to male to female transsexuals in a foul mouthed rant. Why is it that men who want to be female make her so angry? perhaps she’s worried that she is losing the monopoly on telling people what being female means.

Biology is important, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t want gender reassignment surgery. Nine out of ten transsexuals are male to female, and there are biological reasons why. Why is it my biology is ripe for ridicule? Why is it that women can wear trousers but woe betide a man in a dress? Evolutionary psychology means that any man on meeting a woman will instantly decide on some level, subconscious or otherwise, whether he’d want to have sex with her. Transphobic men are scared that this base biological drive could be directed at someone who used to be a man. But what is it that’s fuelling Greer’s anger? I don’t know, but she can fuck right off.

I’m currently in the lapsed Catholic camp because the Vatican decided that transsexuals can’t be Godparents. Thanks for that, that’s another empty space on a pew every Sunday. There is no way to pretend that it doesn’t hurt, there is no way to compartmentalise my brain and just ignore the Church.

The gender transition process is traumatic, violence against transsexuals and transsexual suicide rates are sky high but the Church is too busy being smug. Well all I’ll say is that there was a long time when I was in denial about my daily cross dressing and I was very smug about my Catholicism. Then the scales fell from my eyes and I realised I was as queer as fuck and its the Church that wants me to pretend to be something I’m not, or better still pretend I don’t exist.

You can be a gay Catholic so long as you never do or say anything gay, so long as you don’t find happiness in a romantic relationship, especially not a committed and loving one, so long as you earnestly consent to being swept under the carpet. No wonder the first thing most gay Catholics do is lapse. The Church can learn from the heathens who defended people like me just because they can and until it does I’d rather spend time with them. Someone once said ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’. I’d say lay off the queer bashing or one day God might decide to make you, or your son or daughter, one of us.


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