Apocalypse or Epiphany

So then, 50 days has passed since my last post. Not much has changed but I think the world is ever so slightly further down the road to either complete insanity or epiphany.

As predicted the Paris climate change talks resulted in a big fat nothing. Its a big fat nothing that our vapid Elites are pretending is a meaningful agreement so they can carry on doing what they were going to do anyway, drive more poor people into fuel poverty whilst filling the wallets of rich land owners, lobbyists and energy corporations.

On the bright side we have reached the stage where the green lobby’s cavalcade of liars are forced to lie about its defeats and call them victories. People are forever susceptible to misdirection though so I guess most people in the decadent west aren’t much closer to an epiphany. China and India on the other hand are now vital to the global economy and they couldn’t give a drunk monkey about western doom saying.

Talking of doom saying the slow cultural apocalypse is ongoing. Mark Steyn as usual nails it and again here. I’m not sure what I can add to his analysis. The left wants to ignore the problem of Islamification entirely and the right wants to distract us from it at home by fighting it abroad.

The only thing that has changed is it seems more of us are feeling like people must have felt as the Roman Empire disintegrated. The world we were lucky enough to inherit from our less apathetic forebears is slowly falling apart, but very few of us question the assumptions that are leading to its demise.

Recently the chief idiot Angela Merkel said its impossible to close our borders. Really? you certainly haven’t tried. Are you telling me the west with all its wealth and technology can’t dig a ditch and build a wall? we’ve had that technology for quite a while now. Seems the wall between North and South Korea works pretty well, the wall in Israel works pretty well too.

We used to have these things called armies, traditionally they were used to defend our borders…  Serving the people she was elected to serve is beyond Frau Merkel’s imagination though, so get used to it.  If you are my age and in the business of procreating (increasingly rare these days I’ll admit) chances are your great-grandchildren will be living in a majority Muslim Europe. That isn’t much time in the context of human history. They will have to fight against the imposition of sharia law because our generation won’t lift a finger in defence of western values.

In other news Pope Francis has hit upon the idea of a ‘year of mercy’ to which I’d say its all very well being generally in favour of mercy, but we need to be specifically in favour of it. Maybe the church should think about that in regards to queers like me. If we want to be merciful to Syrians and Iraqis we have to defeat ISIS, give them a country to return to and bring aid to the real refugees in tented camps. As it is we are stripping their countries of young men and writing their land off the map with ‘ere be barbarians’.


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