The canaries in the coal mine.

So the relentless Islamification of Europe is entering the public consciousness. Hundreds of women had to be sexually assaulted and at least two raped in Cologne for it to happen. The elites did what they always do, cover it up. Turns out they’ve been covering it up for quite a while now. I always thought that the canaries in the mine were Jews, queers and cartoonists but it turns out to be women too. We are beginning to learn the consequences of western culture being overrun. The feminists harping on about rape culture have finally got something real to harp on about.

This is just a foretaste of the future, we will become foreigners in our own land. We get the slow horror of watching our rights fade away, first it was freedom of speech. After the truth came out the mayor of Cologne suggested German women change the way they dress. Classic victim blaming. It doesn’t matter what women wear, these men treat women as objects, you can wear a niqab and you are still just an object, only imprisoned in cloth.

This is going to end badly, already gun and pepper spray sales have gone through the roof in Germany and Austria, vigilantes are gathering because people know that the nation state will no longer defend their citizens so its time to defend yourself. In fact the nation state will not only fail to defend you it will pretend you were never attacked in the first place. I see serious civil strife coming to Europe in the relatively near future, good job Angela Merkel.

Now onto Donald Trump, the knee jerk hatred of him in the UK is incredible. People who’ve never listened to a word he says suddenly hate him. He isn’t a conservative, he’s a crony capitalist, he’s uncouth and inarticulate, there is a fairly popular conspiracy theory that he’s running for president to help Hillary Clinton win. But in his clumsy way he states the blindingly obvious. There is something the matter with Islam. We all know it and its time to stop pussyfooting around the issue.


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