The Donald

I do love watching American politics, it puts the parlous state of our political process into perspective and provides a few chuckles along the way. So without further ado I’m gonna type about something I have absolutely zero ability to influence, not being an American voter… then again a huge number of Democratic party voters are illegal immigrants so ^.^

So Donald Trump is going to be the Republican presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be the Democratic party presidential nominee (mainly because of the backward way the Democratic party run their nomination process with super delegates so they don’t have to bother with that whole pesky voting business).

So is the world about to end? no. The way the Democrats have cornered the immigrant vote whilst filling their country with immigrants means the Republicans have to win this election or America will effectively become a one party state. Is it possible that the GOP can win by mobilising their voter base better? its very debatable. But a Hillary Clinton presidency? Will she be as bad as Obama? probably not, but then she’d have to carpet bomb the entire world to achieve that.

She is corrupt, wooden, cack-handed, tin eared, in a marriage of convenience with a philanderer whom she has spent her whole life enabling. She kept top secret information on a private server (which was almost certainly immediately hacked) and she had people removing classified markings from documents, both of which are felonies. She was part and parcel of the Benghazi fiasco where a US ambassador and his security detail were left for dead because Obama had just declared that he’d won the war on terror and if he pretended the attack wasn’t happening it would magically go away. Then afterwards she peddled the Obama line pretending it wasn’t terrorism and locking up a guy who made a Youtube video insulting Islam, because freedom of speech obviously isn’t a thing in the USA…

Its a strange time when a reality tv personality is your best bet for leader of the free world, but wow the Democrats really know how to pick terrible candidates so strange days are here to stay.


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