Everything that cannot go on forever ends.

Recently one of those near mythical moderate Muslims wished his Christian customers happy Easter. He was brutally murdered by one of his less moderate fellow Muslims. The Guardian et al hid the fact it was a sectarian killing. The second the truth doesn’t fit their world view its drop-kicked into the tallest of tall grass.

Turns out Asad Shah was an Ahmadiyyah Muslim, what I know about that sect I could fit in a thimble, but apparently they disagree that Mohammed was the last prophet and formally reject jihad. As a result they aren’t even considered Muslim in Pakistan, and probably plenty of other Islamic countries, they are viciously persecuted as a result. Apparently this extends to Glasgow.

My working theory at the moment is that there is no such thing as radical Islam, political Islam, extremist Islam or fundamentalist Islam, these are just labels we paste onto the more zealous members of that particular religion. The grim truth is when you peel those labels off there is just Islam. Likewise there seems to be no such thing as ‘Moderate’ Islam, the peace and love variety are either considered non Muslim or lapsed Muslims by the more ‘observant’. Meanwhile these nominal Muslims have to keep their heads down or get them stamped upon, literally.

The statistics on the size of the minority of ‘problematic’ Muslims makes for depressing reading, but what is even more depressing is that it doesn’t really make a difference that the most egregious Islamic beliefs are minority views (albeit a big minority of what is rapidly becoming the largest religion on Earth). The Nazi’s were a tiny minority in Germany before they took over. All it takes is for the majority of Muslims and our dear leaders to pretend there isn’t a problem, which is exactly what is happening.

Its all well and good for Donald Trump to say no more Muslim immigration into the USA, its too late for Europe, 25.5% of French teenagers are Muslim and by the most conservative estimates the Muslim population is growing twice as fast as the native French population. You do the maths on that. Islamic State? its coming to a European map near you, very soon. If you are in the business of procreating your children will witness it.

Freedom of speech is already gone, it died with Charlie Hebdo. Freedom of religion is ebbing away, and arguably never existed if you are unlucky enough to convert to Christianity from Islam in say Bradford. Segregated train carriages, because expecting men not to sexually assault women is somehow too much to ask. Queers and Jews being harassed in the streets in our country, all punctuated by the occasional bomb blast. This is how Europe has decided to die. Its a dark thought, but there are times that I thank God there are only a handful of Muslims in the British Army, and that I’ll most likely already be dead when the civil war comes.

In other, perhaps related, news I’ve discovered a fantastic game called Rimworld. In it you found a colony on another planet. Maybe there’s a reason I’ve been playing it so obsessively.


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