The party is over

Its appropriate to be writing this whilst vaguely hungover. But it seems the party that is modern western civilisation is rapidly drawing to a close. We’ve had a fun 50 years. A blink of an eye in world history. Now it feels like all we are left with is half a packet of asprin to share around too many sore heads.

So then, Brexit. The potential benefits are long term, and a positive outcome depends upon good implementation, a reasonable European response during negotiation and the business community to hold its nerve in an increasingly scary world. That isn’t impossible… but its not certain either. What is amazing is the less well off beat the establishment, people went to the polling booths in droves and found the courage to vote for an uncertain liberty rather than a certain subservience. They did so despite the leaders of all the main political parties (and the Libdems) opposing it. Nigel Farage deserves a knighthood for his service to the realm and thoroughly deserves a well earned rest as the most successful politician since Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile the short term negative effects of 48% of the population wailing and gnashing their teeth have yet to be felt, mainly because a lot of them are still living in hope Brexit will never happen. The business world isn’t as rational as people think, what it does to protect itself from a recession are the very things that actively causes recession.(reduce procurement, stymie recruitment, act more cautiously). Don’t be surprised if the next 5 years are on the rocky side.

We aren’t in a recession yet but most people are yet to imagine the momentous nature of the referendum result. Its like 52% of us channelled Winston Churchill and chose the deep blue sea over Europe. I’ve never been more proud to live in a less well off city that overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. Having said that, 48% of the country were channelling Neville Chaiberlain which is bound to have short to – medium term negative effects.

The Labour party have totally missed the opportunity to embrace Brexit. It wasn’t the old Conservative party eurosceptics who won it, it was the less well off. The people who realised they were being shanked by globalism voted accordingly. In other words when Labour opposed leaving the EU they showed just how spectacularly out of touch they are with their natural political base. Anyone who can look at election results can see this. Why Labour is committing electoral suicide by clinging to the EU is a mystery to me. They don’t have to go back to third way Blairite policies to become relevant again, Corbyn is perhaps realising this, but its too late for him. Labour will be in the wilderness for decades. The Conservative party can and probably will continue to govern in as cack handed way as it did under Cameron, it doesn’t have any real opposition.

In other more depressing news the Islamification of Europe continues to accelerate and for some reason the amount of terrorism keeps increasing, curiously nobody in charge will say why. Two plus two still equals five apparently. The general message of the political elite is ‘learn to live with it’, unbelievably that is exactly what the French prime minister said after the latest terrorist atrocity hit France. If the establishment doesn’t nip their their incredible apathy in the bud then Front Nationale will surely win big at the next election. Perhaps its best that the British government delays invoking article 50 until the Hollande government is almost certainly swept away in 2017. The only question is who will replace him, a left wing nationalist Le Pen, or a right wing republican?

Likewise the Germans will go to the polls in 2017 (August-October), will Merkel’s iron grip on politics be shaken by her disastrous decision to flood Europe with immigrants? only time will tell. If those two are gone then Brexit negotiations will be a very different ball game. That’s why I think Theresa May is probably wise to delay invoking article 50.

Talking of which, Theresa May’s cabinet selection was pretty savvy. Her decision to visit Nicola Sturgeon makes her look reasonable and the SNP look increasingly ideologically blinded. No they can’t veto Brexit, and no they won’t be able to join the EU, the Spanish will kick that to touch for fear of emboldening Catalonia. The SNP know they can’t afford to be truly independent, they’d just prefer Brussels as a sugar daddy to London. Well, good luck to them in that regard, they might find an increasingly decrepit and economically stagnant EU less amenable to their dreams of a socialist utopia.

It really is one of the strange quirks of history that both the Conservative and Labour party continue to want Scotland to remain part of the UK. At this stage the SNP is like a teenager yelling ‘I hate you’ at its parents, England and Wales are hoping its just a phase… The SNP’s spectacular rise to prominence happened quickly, hopefully they will dwindle just as swiftly. Unfortunately the only way for that to happen is to give them more power so the Scottish can see for themselves just where a national socialist party will take them… but that’s a rather risky proposition. Perhaps its best we let them live in fantasy land.

Finally, I’m getting a bit bored of, Breitbart London is ok, but sadly the American side of the website has betrayed the legacy of Andrew Breitbart and shamelessly shills for Donald Trump. Never has the Democratic and Republican party selected two candidates for president who are less suitable for the job. Hillary Clinton should reside in a jail cell and Trump should return to reality TV. Don’t be surprised if Trump wins either, there is a swathe of less well off voters who don’t usually vote who might just turn up on election day to ‘make America great again’. Here’s hoping that the people who write Trump’s speeches don’t let him run amok when he gets to the white house. He let the press conference after the RNC conference be side tracked by his personal feud with Ted Cruz. Its very personal too, attacking his wife and his father. Is this really what Americans want out of a president?

But where else can I go for news? The Daily Mail has a couple of interesting writers, but other than that is an absolute rag. The Telegraph reads like the longest suicide note in history. I can’t really put my finger on why I despise the Times, it used to be its anti-catholicism and snobbery along with its dismal writing, being on the wrong side of Brexit didn’t help it in my esteem. The Sun got rid of its best feature, page 3 girls. The Guardian is an interesting insight into the mind of a delusional psychotic. The Indy is a boring insight into the more insipid minds of the middle class, its stock in trade is whine factor 9. I guess that’s why I’m writing my own newspaper here.

In personal news, yes I’m still transsexual, yes I’m still waiting on the glacial NHS. My psychotherapy drew to a close and I’m struggling to cope without it even though towards the end we were just talking endlessly about the same things over and over. I’m still currently in the lapsed Catholic category and will be until the Church can find a Pope who isn’t an idiot and find someone wise enough to say that transsexuality is something that is ill understood and they shouldn’t rush to judgement. At the moment at best it feels like the Catholic Church treats queers like me like lepers, at worst damned to hell. Until I am more able to compartmentalise that stuff I’m taking a break from religion.


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