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Keeping an ear to the ground of the Catholic Church in England. I will be anonymous purely as defense, I'm not a poison pen ninja but merely a loyal follower of the Pope wishing to inform and encourage Catholics to seize this God given divine moment and evangelise the world.

Is this to be an empathy test?

Its one of my favourite lines from Blade Runner, which is one of my favourite films. Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter who kills rogue androids, turns up at the corporate HQ of the company that makes them. The boss walks in and asks “Is this to be an empathy test” (to discriminate between androids and humans). There is a fair bit of the movie before this point but that is where it really starts. The whole film is an exploration of empathy, of what it means to be human, and all the violence humans are capable of when they dehumanise their victims. Seems we have entered into a time, perhaps similar to the early 1930’s, people’s empathy has been eroded or manipulated and all love of truth has been snuffed out.

Abortion is seemingly the number one ‘right’ that feminists defend, because what all women dream of as little girls is killing unborn babies in their womb… Why don’t feminists long for a world which values pregnant women, and values babies? The way abortion denigrates women and children is a key part of why women are left with the crappy end of the bargain in the sexual revolution. But to have a conscience so decayed it treats unborn babies as an inconvenience to be removed and disposed of as medical waste…

These feminists will say “lets not go back to illegal abortions” surely what’s worse is that this monstrous crime against human life is peddled as a ‘right’ and babies are quietly killed by the millions and nary a law is broken. They say, “what about women who have been raped?” to which I’d reply, ‘so you think children should be killed for the crimes of their parents? if this is really about rape then make abortion only legal in cases of rape’, but it isn’t about that, its about using rape victims as a political football to protect a barbaric practice that enables third wave feminists to destroy motherhood in their quest for equality.

Mass immigration is another subject that seems wildly nonsensical. It drives down wages and raises housing costs for the poorest and puts huge strain on public services. To cap it all Europe is taking huge numbers of immigrants from parts of the world that don’t believe in democracy, women’s rights, gay rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and finds no problem with rampant antisemitism.

There are many good reasons why people would want to move here, but at what point do western values, some of which we have only just arrived at as a society, eg gay rights, start to deteriorate when we are taking in millions of people who don’t necessarily share them. When queers, Jews, ‘apostates’, ‘blasphemers’ are killed in the streets and women are subjugated will we as a society be so proud of our open door immigration policies?

I empathise with immigrants, they are looking for a better life and our society is often treating them like dirt, how do we balance that empathy with the empathy we should be having for the people in our own counties who are truly shafted by mass immigration. How do we integrate so many Muslims when, thanks to multiculturalism, we won’t even defend the ideas that made Western Europe a desirable place to live in the first place.

Then there’s moral red herrings of environmentalism, the anthropogenic global warming alarmist myth that still won’t die despite how clear it is the whole thing is a fraud. We waste billions of pounds on this nonsense whilst ignoring far more pressing human concerns. It reminds me of Russel Brand, someone I don’t usually have a lot of time for, but I wonder if when he said: “When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite, I’m beginning to think they just don’t want to talk about inequality” Did he know to aim that at the left? at all the things it wastes money on. The way the left shills for the EU and the EU spends a full 40% of its budget on the common agricultural policy because French farmers shut down the entire road network if they don’t get what they want…

So often the truth doesn’t matter around the world, recently in Russia a blogger was put in prison for saying the unpalatable truth that Russia invaded Poland in 1939. In the middle east the truth doesn’t matter at all. Islam itself teaches provably false beliefs about Christianity for example. In the hundreds of years after Mohammed very few seem to have done basic fact checking in that regard, why? because they’d be killed if they did.

Ever more the world seems to be moving towards a time in which the truth doesn’t matter, we choose our news outlets based upon which lies we prefer. Our political discourse becomes tub thumping tribalism. In all this cacophony of noise we need to hang onto our own sense of right and wrong, if we are lucky we were given a moral core prior to this point because it seems the morality that this world pedals is increasingly warped. The world is complex, it is often morally ambiguous because the only problems that self perpetuate are ones we don’t understand, but never has understanding been held in such low esteem.


The party is over

Its appropriate to be writing this whilst vaguely hungover. But it seems the party that is modern western civilisation is rapidly drawing to a close. We’ve had a fun 50 years. A blink of an eye in world history. Now it feels like all we are left with is half a packet of asprin to share around too many sore heads.

So then, Brexit. The potential benefits are long term, and a positive outcome depends upon good implementation, a reasonable European response during negotiation and the business community to hold its nerve in an increasingly scary world. That isn’t impossible… but its not certain either. What is amazing is the less well off beat the establishment, people went to the polling booths in droves and found the courage to vote for an uncertain liberty rather than a certain subservience. They did so despite the leaders of all the main political parties (and the Libdems) opposing it. Nigel Farage deserves a knighthood for his service to the realm and thoroughly deserves a well earned rest as the most successful politician since Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile the short term negative effects of 48% of the population wailing and gnashing their teeth have yet to be felt, mainly because a lot of them are still living in hope Brexit will never happen. The business world isn’t as rational as people think, what it does to protect itself from a recession are the very things that actively causes recession.(reduce procurement, stymie recruitment, act more cautiously). Don’t be surprised if the next 5 years are on the rocky side.

We aren’t in a recession yet but most people are yet to imagine the momentous nature of the referendum result. Its like 52% of us channelled Winston Churchill and chose the deep blue sea over Europe. I’ve never been more proud to live in a less well off city that overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. Having said that, 48% of the country were channelling Neville Chaiberlain which is bound to have short to – medium term negative effects.

The Labour party have totally missed the opportunity to embrace Brexit. It wasn’t the old Conservative party eurosceptics who won it, it was the less well off. The people who realised they were being shanked by globalism voted accordingly. In other words when Labour opposed leaving the EU they showed just how spectacularly out of touch they are with their natural political base. Anyone who can look at election results can see this. Why Labour is committing electoral suicide by clinging to the EU is a mystery to me. They don’t have to go back to third way Blairite policies to become relevant again, Corbyn is perhaps realising this, but its too late for him. Labour will be in the wilderness for decades. The Conservative party can and probably will continue to govern in as cack handed way as it did under Cameron, it doesn’t have any real opposition.

In other more depressing news the Islamification of Europe continues to accelerate and for some reason the amount of terrorism keeps increasing, curiously nobody in charge will say why. Two plus two still equals five apparently. The general message of the political elite is ‘learn to live with it’, unbelievably that is exactly what the French prime minister said after the latest terrorist atrocity hit France. If the establishment doesn’t nip their their incredible apathy in the bud then Front Nationale will surely win big at the next election. Perhaps its best that the British government delays invoking article 50 until the Hollande government is almost certainly swept away in 2017. The only question is who will replace him, a left wing nationalist Le Pen, or a right wing republican?

Likewise the Germans will go to the polls in 2017 (August-October), will Merkel’s iron grip on politics be shaken by her disastrous decision to flood Europe with immigrants? only time will tell. If those two are gone then Brexit negotiations will be a very different ball game. That’s why I think Theresa May is probably wise to delay invoking article 50.

Talking of which, Theresa May’s cabinet selection was pretty savvy. Her decision to visit Nicola Sturgeon makes her look reasonable and the SNP look increasingly ideologically blinded. No they can’t veto Brexit, and no they won’t be able to join the EU, the Spanish will kick that to touch for fear of emboldening Catalonia. The SNP know they can’t afford to be truly independent, they’d just prefer Brussels as a sugar daddy to London. Well, good luck to them in that regard, they might find an increasingly decrepit and economically stagnant EU less amenable to their dreams of a socialist utopia.

It really is one of the strange quirks of history that both the Conservative and Labour party continue to want Scotland to remain part of the UK. At this stage the SNP is like a teenager yelling ‘I hate you’ at its parents, England and Wales are hoping its just a phase… The SNP’s spectacular rise to prominence happened quickly, hopefully they will dwindle just as swiftly. Unfortunately the only way for that to happen is to give them more power so the Scottish can see for themselves just where a national socialist party will take them… but that’s a rather risky proposition. Perhaps its best we let them live in fantasy land.

Finally, I’m getting a bit bored of Breitbart.com, Breitbart London is ok, but sadly the American side of the website has betrayed the legacy of Andrew Breitbart and shamelessly shills for Donald Trump. Never has the Democratic and Republican party selected two candidates for president who are less suitable for the job. Hillary Clinton should reside in a jail cell and Trump should return to reality TV. Don’t be surprised if Trump wins either, there is a swathe of less well off voters who don’t usually vote who might just turn up on election day to ‘make America great again’. Here’s hoping that the people who write Trump’s speeches don’t let him run amok when he gets to the white house. He let the press conference after the RNC conference be side tracked by his personal feud with Ted Cruz. Its very personal too, attacking his wife and his father. Is this really what Americans want out of a president?

But where else can I go for news? The Daily Mail has a couple of interesting writers, but other than that is an absolute rag. The Telegraph reads like the longest suicide note in history. I can’t really put my finger on why I despise the Times, it used to be its anti-catholicism and snobbery along with its dismal writing, being on the wrong side of Brexit didn’t help it in my esteem. The Sun got rid of its best feature, page 3 girls. The Guardian is an interesting insight into the mind of a delusional psychotic. The Indy is a boring insight into the more insipid minds of the middle class, its stock in trade is whine factor 9. I guess that’s why I’m writing my own newspaper here.

In personal news, yes I’m still transsexual, yes I’m still waiting on the glacial NHS. My psychotherapy drew to a close and I’m struggling to cope without it even though towards the end we were just talking endlessly about the same things over and over. I’m still currently in the lapsed Catholic category and will be until the Church can find a Pope who isn’t an idiot and find someone wise enough to say that transsexuality is something that is ill understood and they shouldn’t rush to judgement. At the moment at best it feels like the Catholic Church treats queers like me like lepers, at worst damned to hell. Until I am more able to compartmentalise that stuff I’m taking a break from religion.

Everything that cannot go on forever ends.

Recently one of those near mythical moderate Muslims wished his Christian customers happy Easter. He was brutally murdered by one of his less moderate fellow Muslims. The Guardian et al hid the fact it was a sectarian killing. The second the truth doesn’t fit their world view its drop-kicked into the tallest of tall grass.

Turns out Asad Shah was an Ahmadiyyah Muslim, what I know about that sect I could fit in a thimble, but apparently they disagree that Mohammed was the last prophet and formally reject jihad. As a result they aren’t even considered Muslim in Pakistan, and probably plenty of other Islamic countries, they are viciously persecuted as a result. Apparently this extends to Glasgow.

My working theory at the moment is that there is no such thing as radical Islam, political Islam, extremist Islam or fundamentalist Islam, these are just labels we paste onto the more zealous members of that particular religion. The grim truth is when you peel those labels off there is just Islam. Likewise there seems to be no such thing as ‘Moderate’ Islam, the peace and love variety are either considered non Muslim or lapsed Muslims by the more ‘observant’. Meanwhile these nominal Muslims have to keep their heads down or get them stamped upon, literally.

The statistics on the size of the minority of ‘problematic’ Muslims makes for depressing reading, but what is even more depressing is that it doesn’t really make a difference that the most egregious Islamic beliefs are minority views (albeit a big minority of what is rapidly becoming the largest religion on Earth). The Nazi’s were a tiny minority in Germany before they took over. All it takes is for the majority of Muslims and our dear leaders to pretend there isn’t a problem, which is exactly what is happening.

Its all well and good for Donald Trump to say no more Muslim immigration into the USA, its too late for Europe, 25.5% of French teenagers are Muslim and by the most conservative estimates the Muslim population is growing twice as fast as the native French population. You do the maths on that. Islamic State? its coming to a European map near you, very soon. If you are in the business of procreating your children will witness it.

Freedom of speech is already gone, it died with Charlie Hebdo. Freedom of religion is ebbing away, and arguably never existed if you are unlucky enough to convert to Christianity from Islam in say Bradford. Segregated train carriages, because expecting men not to sexually assault women is somehow too much to ask. Queers and Jews being harassed in the streets in our country, all punctuated by the occasional bomb blast. This is how Europe has decided to die. Its a dark thought, but there are times that I thank God there are only a handful of Muslims in the British Army, and that I’ll most likely already be dead when the civil war comes.

In other, perhaps related, news I’ve discovered a fantastic game called Rimworld. In it you found a colony on another planet. Maybe there’s a reason I’ve been playing it so obsessively.

The Donald

I do love watching American politics, it puts the parlous state of our political process into perspective and provides a few chuckles along the way. So without further ado I’m gonna type about something I have absolutely zero ability to influence, not being an American voter… then again a huge number of Democratic party voters are illegal immigrants so ^.^

So Donald Trump is going to be the Republican presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be the Democratic party presidential nominee (mainly because of the backward way the Democratic party run their nomination process with super delegates so they don’t have to bother with that whole pesky voting business).

So is the world about to end? no. The way the Democrats have cornered the immigrant vote whilst filling their country with immigrants means the Republicans have to win this election or America will effectively become a one party state. Is it possible that the GOP can win by mobilising their voter base better? its very debatable. But a Hillary Clinton presidency? Will she be as bad as Obama? probably not, but then she’d have to carpet bomb the entire world to achieve that.

She is corrupt, wooden, cack-handed, tin eared, in a marriage of convenience with a philanderer whom she has spent her whole life enabling. She kept top secret information on a private server (which was almost certainly immediately hacked) and she had people removing classified markings from documents, both of which are felonies. She was part and parcel of the Benghazi fiasco where a US ambassador and his security detail were left for dead because Obama had just declared that he’d won the war on terror and if he pretended the attack wasn’t happening it would magically go away. Then afterwards she peddled the Obama line pretending it wasn’t terrorism and locking up a guy who made a Youtube video insulting Islam, because freedom of speech obviously isn’t a thing in the USA…

Its a strange time when a reality tv personality is your best bet for leader of the free world, but wow the Democrats really know how to pick terrible candidates so strange days are here to stay.

The canaries in the coal mine.

So the relentless Islamification of Europe is entering the public consciousness. Hundreds of women had to be sexually assaulted and at least two raped in Cologne for it to happen. The elites did what they always do, cover it up. Turns out they’ve been covering it up for quite a while now. I always thought that the canaries in the mine were Jews, queers and cartoonists but it turns out to be women too. We are beginning to learn the consequences of western culture being overrun. The feminists harping on about rape culture have finally got something real to harp on about.

This is just a foretaste of the future, we will become foreigners in our own land. We get the slow horror of watching our rights fade away, first it was freedom of speech. After the truth came out the mayor of Cologne suggested German women change the way they dress. Classic victim blaming. It doesn’t matter what women wear, these men treat women as objects, you can wear a niqab and you are still just an object, only imprisoned in cloth.

This is going to end badly, already gun and pepper spray sales have gone through the roof in Germany and Austria, vigilantes are gathering because people know that the nation state will no longer defend their citizens so its time to defend yourself. In fact the nation state will not only fail to defend you it will pretend you were never attacked in the first place. I see serious civil strife coming to Europe in the relatively near future, good job Angela Merkel.

Now onto Donald Trump, the knee jerk hatred of him in the UK is incredible. People who’ve never listened to a word he says suddenly hate him. He isn’t a conservative, he’s a crony capitalist, he’s uncouth and inarticulate, there is a fairly popular conspiracy theory that he’s running for president to help Hillary Clinton win. But in his clumsy way he states the blindingly obvious. There is something the matter with Islam. We all know it and its time to stop pussyfooting around the issue.

Apocalypse or Epiphany

So then, 50 days has passed since my last post. Not much has changed but I think the world is ever so slightly further down the road to either complete insanity or epiphany.

As predicted the Paris climate change talks resulted in a big fat nothing. Its a big fat nothing that our vapid Elites are pretending is a meaningful agreement so they can carry on doing what they were going to do anyway, drive more poor people into fuel poverty whilst filling the wallets of rich land owners, lobbyists and energy corporations.

On the bright side we have reached the stage where the green lobby’s cavalcade of liars are forced to lie about its defeats and call them victories. People are forever susceptible to misdirection though so I guess most people in the decadent west aren’t much closer to an epiphany. China and India on the other hand are now vital to the global economy and they couldn’t give a drunk monkey about western doom saying.

Talking of doom saying the slow cultural apocalypse is ongoing. Mark Steyn as usual nails it and again here. I’m not sure what I can add to his analysis. The left wants to ignore the problem of Islamification entirely and the right wants to distract us from it at home by fighting it abroad.

The only thing that has changed is it seems more of us are feeling like people must have felt as the Roman Empire disintegrated. The world we were lucky enough to inherit from our less apathetic forebears is slowly falling apart, but very few of us question the assumptions that are leading to its demise.

Recently the chief idiot Angela Merkel said its impossible to close our borders. Really? you certainly haven’t tried. Are you telling me the west with all its wealth and technology can’t dig a ditch and build a wall? we’ve had that technology for quite a while now. Seems the wall between North and South Korea works pretty well, the wall in Israel works pretty well too.

We used to have these things called armies, traditionally they were used to defend our borders…  Serving the people she was elected to serve is beyond Frau Merkel’s imagination though, so get used to it.  If you are my age and in the business of procreating (increasingly rare these days I’ll admit) chances are your great-grandchildren will be living in a majority Muslim Europe. That isn’t much time in the context of human history. They will have to fight against the imposition of sharia law because our generation won’t lift a finger in defence of western values.

In other news Pope Francis has hit upon the idea of a ‘year of mercy’ to which I’d say its all very well being generally in favour of mercy, but we need to be specifically in favour of it. Maybe the church should think about that in regards to queers like me. If we want to be merciful to Syrians and Iraqis we have to defeat ISIS, give them a country to return to and bring aid to the real refugees in tented camps. As it is we are stripping their countries of young men and writing their land off the map with ‘ere be barbarians’.

Gender bending

It seems that society is very gradually deciding that gender benders like me might actually deserve to be treated as human beings. Some guy decided he would get a bit transphobic on a twitch stream I frequent and basically everyone told him to shove it, which was a nice surprise. He also directed his dislike at a female streamer saying she was transsexual. Lets just say, if she is transsexual I want to talk to her doctor. But it just reinforces the theory that transphobia is frequently just another outlet for misogyny.

Talking of which Germaine Greer decided to stick it to male to female transsexuals in a foul mouthed rant. Why is it that men who want to be female make her so angry? perhaps she’s worried that she is losing the monopoly on telling people what being female means.

Biology is important, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t want gender reassignment surgery. Nine out of ten transsexuals are male to female, and there are biological reasons why. Why is it my biology is ripe for ridicule? Why is it that women can wear trousers but woe betide a man in a dress? Evolutionary psychology means that any man on meeting a woman will instantly decide on some level, subconscious or otherwise, whether he’d want to have sex with her. Transphobic men are scared that this base biological drive could be directed at someone who used to be a man. But what is it that’s fuelling Greer’s anger? I don’t know, but she can fuck right off.

I’m currently in the lapsed Catholic camp because the Vatican decided that transsexuals can’t be Godparents. Thanks for that, that’s another empty space on a pew every Sunday. There is no way to pretend that it doesn’t hurt, there is no way to compartmentalise my brain and just ignore the Church.

The gender transition process is traumatic, violence against transsexuals and transsexual suicide rates are sky high but the Church is too busy being smug. Well all I’ll say is that there was a long time when I was in denial about my daily cross dressing and I was very smug about my Catholicism. Then the scales fell from my eyes and I realised I was as queer as fuck and its the Church that wants me to pretend to be something I’m not, or better still pretend I don’t exist.

You can be a gay Catholic so long as you never do or say anything gay, so long as you don’t find happiness in a romantic relationship, especially not a committed and loving one, so long as you earnestly consent to being swept under the carpet. No wonder the first thing most gay Catholics do is lapse. The Church can learn from the heathens who defended people like me just because they can and until it does I’d rather spend time with them. Someone once said ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’. I’d say lay off the queer bashing or one day God might decide to make you, or your son or daughter, one of us.