Blog neglect

Well I haven’t posted on my blog in a full six days, so I guess that constitutes blog neglect, I haven’t looked at my site stats but I bet they are flat-lining, not that I ever look at my site stats *ahem*.

The run up to Christmas always gets me, its probably just wintertime blues or something, but this last week has been especially hellish at work with major computer system problems. Every time some techy does an ‘upgrade’ to the system the part that I use breaks and nobody checks to see if its working till I find out days later that its been throwing no-hitters for the past four days… anyway. The long and short of it is that I’ve been too depressed to have my chill out beer, read the paper and post something on my blog when I get home from work. (Me too depressed to drink, must be serious)

Well I’ve got two and a half days of work left before I go up north to my parents for Christmas. Its beautiful where they live, but its also isolated, 2 hours to the nearest decent city… so yeah, they do have the internet though so I’ll try and get back to blogging more regularly.  They also have an aga cooker so its roast breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can’t wait. Roast veg is so good, I don’t really have any excuse for not doing it myself at home, but its so good on an aga and that will hopefully improve my mood.

Anyway, I’m not sure much has been happening in the world at the moment, especially not in the Catholic world, oh yeah the Vatican righteously lambasted totalitarian China… England has  a new nuncio, hopefully he’ll be better than the last, we need better braver Bishops preferably who have something to say and who want to be truly obedient to the Pope by following where he leads not just giving lip service.

Oh and there were great pictures of an orthodox priest blessing a Russian rocket ship, now that is what I call modern religion.  Perhaps he could give us a prayer book filled with weird and wonderful prayers for the modern world, like a prayer for astronauts about to do a spacewalk, and for players of World of Warcraft about to tackle a dungeon, or about to die and lose experience points or something.

I don’t play the game myself, but I know people who do often treat the WoW world like its more important than the real world. Heck why doesn’t a Catholic Bishop ask if he can set up a Catholic Chapel in world of warcraft, that’d be amazing, just imagine the millions of young people who go online to waste their lives on that thing, with nerry a mention of anything edifying.

If the Catholic Church is universal then maybe it should embrace cyberspace too? Cyberspace is possibly one of the last vistas of the world in dire need of evangelisation, perhaps some Jesuits could give it a go. Perhaps have a portal to a top of the range web cam on perpetual adoration, with plainchant in the background. Heck have a priest in the confessional, so what he can’t give absolution, but he could still remind the masses online that God loves them.

So what its a mad idea, so mad it’d be great, heck it’d get you in the papers more than some topless acrobats would.


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